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Save the BBC World Service, stop the cuts

Please help fight to save the World Service as you did with 6music. It is by far the most important public information network available around the world, and the only one that prides itself on filtering through unbiased and uncensored information to its listeners. It's possibly the only new service available that has the most direct means of saving peoples' lives and that affects their welfare.

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    Leo Tong shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Phil UK commented  · 

        Keep the World Service and cut down the the number of presenters on the BBC news programmes

      • Russell W. Barnes commented  · 

        Short-wave transcends political boundaries, cannot easily be denied its target audience without resorting to expensive radio counter-measures, and is cheap and unobtrusive to receive where such activities are frowned upon. Keep the BBC World Service on short-wave.

      • David commented  · 

        A vital service to the world. something that Britain can be proud of. How many in the world identify with our values

      • Lorraine Charlton commented  · 

        Please take up this hugely important cause to keep World Service in the places where it can make a difference.

      • Brendan Moore commented  · 

        Please take up the fight to keep this essential information lifeline available where it's most needed by continuing with shortwave transmission. Don't let this beacon of hope for oppressed peoples be extinguished.

      • Ute Wietfeld commented  · 

        Please support this campaign - the World Service is as essential today as it's always been.

      • maggie commented  · 

        I have already signed this petition to save the BBC World service. Its ironic that I am allowed another forum, to advocate my views, when so many have so little in terms of truth. This decision is in my mind about access: without the World service people will have less access to truth, and the right to reason, to debate, to protest, to be themselves. -I hate speaking in cliches, but I am going to, cause I can, - and that sums it all up for me. Because I can - I am informed by an impartial News service, that makes me swell with pride. Help...

      • Deckster76 commented  · 

        Not only save it, but keep it transmitting on shortwave. We have seen in Libya and Egypt how the internet and mobile phone networks can be disconnected at will, therefore cutting the flow of information. That's harder to do when impartial news is broadcast to the whole region from a transmitter out of reach of the authorities.

      • Chris Booth commented  · 

        Paying for the World Service is a drop in the financial ocean, and surely does more good for the world, and the UK, than 90% of the DFID budget.

      • fayz commented  · 

        Please Britain, don't give aid to our governments and don't help us financially, but pls do not deprive us from knowing and learning what is happening in our neighbourhood and in the world. Don't let us to fall in to the trap of the most corrupt governments propoganda, such as Russian, Chinese and Iranian external broadcasters. Please.

      • Daria commented  · 

        i need the bbc. really. it's the greatest inspirational and educational source

      • Vivien Marsh commented  · 

        Please stop this senseless cultural vandalism and wilful neglect of less fortunate parts of the world.

      • Zina Rohan commented  · 

        Cuts to the World Service are cuts to information many parts of the world need and now won't get - especially when short wave broadcasts are cut in India and Africa. It's also bad for Brand Britain to lose so many listeners.

      • Elaine commented  · 

        Now more than ever, we need the WS!

      • Ashlesha Thakur commented  · 


      • Alex commented  · 

        The World Service is essential--please support it!

      • Ailsa Auchnie commented  · 

        Save the World Service - it's well worth it.

      • louise ryder commented  · 

        World Service has no global equivalent in terms of objectivity and quality. Government clearly sees it as a soft target - don't let it be victimised.

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