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An end to the flawed technology of wind "farms"

Wind "farm" technology is flawed and has been disproven. It's "popular" because the huge corporations make vast profits from the subsidies available.
If no other fact persuades you, our coldest spells of weather coincide with no or little wind and thus windfarms are redundant at times of peak demand - as happened in December.

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    Richard GilbertRichard Gilbert shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ken MourinKen Mourin commented  · 

        Wind farms are a scam only - of financial benefit to the managers but useless for generating usable electricity when it is most needed, and actually using electricity at times of low winds. Their use of resources and of our open spaces is totally unjustified.

      • JohnJohn commented  · 

        Stop this madness, fuelled by huge subsidies for which the consumers are forced to pay. The developers admit that they will be obliged to build more gas power stations to provide back up when the wind does not blow.

      • David  BarkerDavid Barker commented  · 

        Noisy Ugly Inefficient - logic must be applied to this financial and environmental disaster ............

      • AlanAlan commented  · 

        Intermittent sources of electricity are not useful ways of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

        The public subsidy provided towards a single wind turbine could instead be used to properly insulate 500 houses. This would reduce electricity consumption every two years equivalent to the lifetime production of electricity by that one turbine.

      • Dr David BellamyDr David Bellamy commented  · 

        At last common sense comes back to the shores and landscapes of Britain. Don't let your children and grandchildren down, vote to smash this pernicious scam!

      • Neil LyleNeil Lyle commented  · 

        Intermittent and unpredictable output, capacity needs to be backed by power station capacity, to my knowledge the kit is not made here so expensive imports, massive carbon output in manufacture and on-site construction, noise pollution and wildlife extermination, eyesores on land and sea, not economomically viable without massive taxpayer subsidy. On the positive side occasionally generates a bit of electricity but not to a schedule. Was there ever an engineer or anyone outside politics or the green lobby involved in this?

      • LyndseyLyndsey commented  · 

        It's time there was a National voice to stop this insanity. People are in fuel poverty across the UK yet their electricity bills are increased to fund this inefficient folly. What does it take to make politicians listen to us and the other countries that have pulled back from wind power because it is too expensive and is too unreliable.

      •  L J Jenkins [Mr] L J Jenkins [Mr] commented  · 

        Wind turbines will not close a SINGLE fossil fuel or nuclear power station because the wind itself is sporadic and unreliable. Even when the wind is blowing and wind turbines are turning , they make NO difference to the back-up fossil fuel power stations. They are not shut down !!
        Wind turbines do NOT replace fossil fuel generated electricity, they DUPLICATE it ! A monstrous 400 feet high wind turbine only generates a paltry 0.5 megawatts...YES HALF A MEGAWATT ONLY......, whilst the average power station generates 1500MW.
        The UK uses 60,000MW at winter peak, so it would need 120,000 400 ft monsters , or 360,000 of the size of wind turbine in Cornwall [ 150ft or height of Nelson's Column] to generate UK electricity....but the UK is ONLY 94000 square miles in area !! So there is NO ROOM. But of course, under High Pressure, there is NO WIND, so even a million wind turbines would generate next to NOTHING !!........SO WHAT DO THEY ACHIEVE ??

        Only innumerate, non-technical Arts graduates support this stupid, completely inadequate energy source.

        There would be NO electricity anywhere !!
        People will die of hypothermia due to this idiocy !!



      • Dr John EtheringtonDr John Etherington commented  · 

        The unpredictability of wind power and the difficulty of forecasting timing and amount of generation dictates that backup power must be available in the form of conventional power stations which can be brought instantaneously on and off-line.

        Once a huge number of wind farms are built some of the main operators of wind power (e.g. E.ON UK) have predicted that backup will need to be up to 90% of the wind power installed capacity, creating a paradox in which power stations have to be built to permit wind turbines to be deployed! If the backup stations spend much time below peak output they will be unable to pay for themselves thus increasing the need for the consumer-sourced subsidies which are already unprecedentedly large.

        We have been sold this technology to reduce CO2 emission, (supposedly to alter climate) and to limit fossil fuel imports thus raising energy-security. If backup is necessary to this extent then neither of these promises can be fulfilled.

      • Alun John RichardsAlun John Richards commented  · 

        No one who is genuinely concerned ab out the effects of climate change can possibly condone the wasting of resources on windmill generators.
        When the Welsh Assembly was proposed we in Wales had hoped that 'Treweryn'situatiopns (The expoitation of our countryside and destruction of communities for foreign gain) would at least be resited. As it is the reverse is occuring

      • CarnabwthCarnabwth commented  · 

        Wind Farm developers offer "legal" bribes to Communities in order to get support for Planning Approvals.
        In the Amman Valley, South Wales four "Communities" were offered £250,000 in community benefits should Approval be granted.
        Over £1m in benefits, lets get real.
        Strange how Labour County Councillors were pushing this despite it being covering a vast area of disused water filled mineworkings and rich coal reserves.

      • GriswalltGriswallt commented  · 

        The sheer cost of wind energy with its devastating effect of industrialising glorious landscapes, noise, devaluation of property values and hopelessly pathetic amounts of energy generation make it a less than useless industry. There are far more effective renewables than this iniquitous scheme for profiteering with a 'green' facade.

      • Sian IfanSian Ifan commented  · 

        I walked amongst gigantic windmills in Gilfach Goch in South Wales not so long ago. They stood there totally still but a long blade from one of them laid on the grass like a long cold dismembered finger of an alien being! This was a classic example of how useless and how dangerous they are to anything that moves. Why is Wales, again, despoiled by these useless monstrosities for the benefit of capitalism. We don't need them and dont want them!

      • Josephine BarkerJosephine Barker commented  · 

        I do not want the Scottish countryside (or seas) spoilt with hundreds of wind farms. All of Scotland would need to be coveered to create enough electricity so my VOTE is NO

      • Anthony Bright-PaulAnthony Bright-Paul commented  · 

        The first thing is that wind turbines ruin the environment, the very thing that 'environmentalists' are supposed to protect. They take up 1,000 times as much space as a conventional Power Station, and don't work without back-up. They are hugely expensive, use masses of concrete and cabling, and put up the cost of power for homeowners and businesses alike.

      • Rupert WyndhamRupert Wyndham commented  · 

        Wind turbines are a grotesque white elephant. Their actual output in optimal conditions is a derisory percentage of their rated capacity. To make matters worse, much of the time they deliver nothing at all, in particular during spells of intense cold or oppressive heat, ie often when the wind dies and power is most needed. They have been shown to be highly vulnerable to adverse operating conditions - gusting winds, snow and ice. Mechanical disintegration has now been recorded often enough as to be considered not uncommon.

        The Danes, with the highest concentration of wind farms in the world, have failed to shut down a single conventional power station as a result. The Dutch and the Spanish have likewise withdrawn government support for further wind farm investment. The Germans, also with high numbers of wind turbines are in the course of constructing five new fossil fuelled power stations.

        Wind energy operates only with monstrous government subsidies collected through artificially elevated electricity prices. For anybody looking at the countryside, they are a blight. For persons living anywhere near them they are a curse. They blight health and well being through noise and blade flicker especially, and they pose a significant danger to flying wild life - both birds and mammals.

        Only lunatics or self-enriching scoundrels would even consider expanding their numbers.


      • Legal JohnLegal John commented  · 

        Onshore wind turbines do not produce enough energy as the UK does not have enough wind to make them viable. It is also illegal to erect a wind turbine within a 1.8 Km radius of residential housing, as per european law in recent cases.

      • ShirleyShirley commented  · 

        Windmills have been around for centuries. If they had been so efficient they would have been used when electricity was first developed. Now they are despoiling beautiful countryside. If the wind is too strong the arms break off! If they go wrong I've heard it is cheaper to put new ones up than repair them! It is just a fad.

      • jacjac commented  · 

        Please think again about the cumulative impact that wind farms are having on rural communities enough really is enough.

      • Dave HaskellDave Haskell commented  · 

        Data has shown that on an annual basis, onshore wind farms in the UK will produce only about 28 per cent of the maximum possible power they are capable of, as any power engineer worth his salt will tell you; this percentage figure being known as the load factor in the UK power industry, and capacity factor in the U.S. Now I think most sensible folk will agree that 28 per cent is not very impressive, especially when considering it is at the expense of ruining the irreplaceable beautiful British countryside. This lunacy is further compounded by realising that in some cases these hideous machines cause stress and illness to those unfortunate, and by no fault of themselves, now having to live in the shadow of these offensive and fraudulent engineering structures.
        The same power engineer will also tell you that on an hour-to-hour basis the power industry does not have a clue on how much energy will be produced by any given wind farm, for such is the nature of the British weather! But would it not be wonderful to accurately predict our weather and lay to rest those false barbecue summers and/or mild winters predictions – pigs might fly! Now surely, nobody in their right mind would want to be connected to such a wind power dependent network. So why on earth is government hell bent on not just covering the land with these useless eyesores, but unbelievably ringing our Island with them as well - why won’t they listen to the engineers and knowledgeable people – has government completely lost its marbles?

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