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An end to the flawed technology of wind "farms"

Wind "farm" technology is flawed and has been disproven. It's "popular" because the huge corporations make vast profits from the subsidies available.
If no other fact persuades you, our coldest spells of weather coincide with no or little wind and thus windfarms are redundant at times of peak demand - as happened in December.

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    Richard GilbertRichard Gilbert shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • LyndseyLyndsey commented  · 

        There are literally hundreds of wind farm action groups across the UK. All fighting their own individual battles. We need to let them know this is happening so they can join in. Google them and see!

      • John MccreathJohn Mccreath commented  · 

        Agreed windfarms are a waste of tax payers money.

      • BevBev commented  · 

        Despite the majority of local people (85%+) voting against a windfarm in Cambs; 5 parish councils voting unanimously against it, district councillors and the planning committee also unanimously voting against it, plus local MP's also opposing, the developer, npower, going to appeal somehow pursuaded a single person, the Inspector, it was democractic to allow the wind farm to be built.
        This high lights something rotton with the system when even the Tory party manifesto stating people are to approve windfarms in their communities is overturned. The Tories now actually the Government still cannot control the the greed and uncrupulous behaviour of the wind industry from Labour extremely bad policies on Renewable energy..

        Dictatorship by civil servants in DECC and control by big business rule OK!


      • PeterPeter commented  · 

        There are far better ways to generate electricity, nuclear being the obvious choice for an 'on demand' supply of energy.

      • Jon CrokeJon Croke commented  · 

        Applications are currently being made in completely unsuitable sites, which could never be economical if it wasn't for the huge subsidies that we consumers are paying - and all to meet unrealistic and unattainable EU renewable energy targets.

      • LizLiz commented  · 

        No to windfarms but we must stop using as much power as we have done in the past - this includes everyone. We also have to examine what we ought to do about the worldwide population growth - the elephant in the room that no one wants to deal with.....

      • fenwoodyfenwoody commented  · 

        I've been a 'nimby' for over 12 years now. Many people who thought I was mad back then have discovered just how wrong wind energy is (except maybe for road signs!). I've written many letters to many HM Ministers for Energy, but usually receive the same reply (about meeting EU targets and saving us from drowning etc). Getting a bit tired but at least I STILL don't have any turbines in my backyard, although I can see 23 from my house - often not working ha ha! Support this campaign, before we drown in wind turbines!

      • Ian TerryIan Terry commented  · 

        the wind farm lobby are achieving what hitler and all his air force couldn't the total destruction of the rural communities. the only reason we have climate change is that ther are too many people on the planet. Spend the money on sex education. it is only the land owners and the share holders in the power companies who want this thanks to the surcharges on our energy bills. here in scotland the politicians lemming like approach to WFs is nothing short on insanity. If and when it goes soooo wrong who will be held responsible and accountable

      • Ian TerryIan Terry commented  · 

        Living in Scotland the lemming type rush to install these totally inefficient forms of power generation begs belief. the first minister and his obsession with WFs borders on madness. typical of the standard of MPs we are plagued with at the moment. Theonly winners are the land owners and hopefully there will be a party strong enough to tax this easy unearned income at 80% or more. Cost to the quality of life and the destruction of the rural system has to be seen to be believed. if every energy bill was not burdened with thiriomental tax then the power companies would not be interested as there would be no subsides. No one high lights the possible impact on health and if these politicians have got it sooooo wrong who will be held accountable and responsible? What price when Chinese farmers are being wiped out to get the ore to make the magnets. The whole process has not been thought through. If climate change is down to anything it is that there are just too many people in the world and all this talk about saving the planet has got to start with an international commitment to reducing the birth rate. Wind farms are not the panacea to what is wrong with mother earth today or the next 25 years. What real research has been done to see if the developers figures are correct?
        The whole WF issue is about making money for those lucky enough to own large areas of land . The whole policy is totally flawed as it destroys the very heart of rural life. If they want these hideous things and believe in them install them in the parks of the big cities.

      • Janet CromartyJanet Cromarty commented  · 

        Wind farms are a disgrace in their inefficiency. They are unsightly and cause local householders immense distress and grief in fighting for their rights once they are in their proximity. The corporations are not honest about the disruption they cause to the quality of life of local people & wildlife.

      • philip nortonphilip norton commented  · 

        Stop wasting our money on these rediculous wind turbines,they dont work and nobody except the companys putting them up want them.

      • John LeppardJohn Leppard commented  · 

        No to Wind Farms but yes to any alternative that gives us cheaper and cleaner electricity.

      • Elizabeth Curzon-HoweElizabeth Curzon-Howe commented  · 

        No to Wind Farms but yes to clean burn Coal Fired Power Stations. It is interesting to read that Germany are presently building twenty of the latter.

      • Rosemary LambkinRosemary Lambkin commented  · 

        When do you ever see them working, and at what cost?

      • Tricia CrokeTricia Croke commented  · 

        Wind Farms are hideous and destroy our landscapes and farmland and are an inefficient way of producing renewable energy

      • Anna LightfootAnna Lightfoot commented  · 

        I wholeheartedly agree with this statement....we are being seduced into thinking windfarms are the answer when in fact they are inefficient producers of renewable energy especially inland. Their proliferation is not because of altruism but because of the massive amount of money being made by energy companies and the financial gain by farmers and landowners.

      • Mark FitchewMark Fitchew commented  · 

        Germany is the largest european maufacturer of Wind Tubines and they stopped using them as they don't work efficiently enough! You have to have coal powered stations running permantely as backup. Anyone can see that this is criminally stupid!!! The industry in the UK is based entirely apon the riduculous subsidies handed out to the power companies!!!!

      • Mr Maurice NickelsMr Maurice Nickels commented  · 

        Windfarms are an utter dissgrace. The only ones who benefit are the land owners and the companies supplying the hardwear. They are not efficient, and cause great distress from polution in the countries where the blades and internal machinary for the turbines are manufactured.

      • Andrew R BrownAndrew R Brown commented  · 

        Wind farms can only be built with very generous subsidies which we all pay for in increased electricity bills. They are very inefficient and the Government only agree to them to tick European boxes.

      • Brenda NickelsBrenda Nickels commented  · 

        Windfarms are a disgrace in their inafficiency. They are unsightly and cause normal householders grief in fighting for their rights once they are in therir proximity. They are harmfull to wild life and habitats.

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