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Stop EU Law banning everything that isn't expressly allowed, like herbs and supplements this april

We need to retain the right to ingest whatever we choose. Particularly when it comes to our choice of medicines. Traditional herbal medicines, high quantities of vitamins, minerals amino acids and more will disappear from the shelves this april. Stop big pharma's plans to medicate you instead. Vote to stay free.

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    clive de carle shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It is time our goverments and the EEC stopped and realised we the electorate voted them in to serve us not individuals or companies but us the people. Listen to what we want and start making it available.

        Above all else stop making new legislation that stops us doing things we want to do and have ben doing for years that hurts no other person.

        Tobacco has no good use that I'm aware of but no government will ban it's import into this country. Hemp has hundreds of potentially viable good uses and is banned because it may be abused. Why? Surely it has nothing to do with protecting existing companies, and ultimately the wealth of a few individuals, that would never be the case in this country now would it?

        There is nothing good to be said about Aspartame yet it's still allowed to put in our food. Why don't they ban that? Could it be because that people with influence has to much to lose if it were?

      • Janet commented  · 

        Michael - good point, but I get the feeling that 38 Degrees is of the opinion that this issue is a 'dead duck', and that it's not worth the attention, as the legislation has been pushed through now by the EU (at the end of April 2011). Pity. When all we've got left are pharmaceutical 'options' that have horrendous side-effects, people may think differently, but it'll be too late then.

      • Michael Stanley-Baker commented  · 
      • viv Dawson commented  · 

        this needs merging with other similar motions

      • Mike Garrett commented  · 

        Excellent idea Neil, combine these four suggestions to get resistance to this going.

      • Mike Garrett commented  · 

        This is obviously being driven by the big pharmaceutical companies who can't make money as these products aren't patentable.

      • Lorraine Warren commented  · 

        I believe it is my right to be able to purchase traditional herbal medicines if I choose to , to take away this choice is wrong and I should not be forced into taking other medication without any other option

      • Chris Hemmings commented  · 

        As I've said elsewhere this would have seen vanilla banned where it discovered today, even if it had been quietly used for hundreds of years. I know many herbal remedies not used commercially which are presumably now not possible to promote under this regime, which just protects what is anyway a wholly unsatisfactory pharmaceutical industry producing many legal but profoundly damaging chemical and biological medical reagents.

      • Catherine Horace commented  · 

        This is a disgraceful interference with peoples freedom. In a world where people are starving, surviving on contaminated "water" supplies, where people and animals are subjected to cruelties beyond imagination. It is time the EU did something other than line the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

      • Ellen Long commented  · 

        If the EU thinks it's going to ban herbal medicines, used all over the world to support health since the dawn of time, it will have a cultural and religious war on its hands, as the power of herbal medicine is an integral part of my spiritual beliefs, and those of many thousands of others in this country alone.

      • Ann Rowe commented  · 

        I completely agree. In the 'free' world we have choice, taking this choice away is wrong. Allowing a large company to have total control over a product that helps millions will leave those of us who rely on herbal treatment at their mercy and will most likely be forced to pay more than we can afford for essential natural treatments. One of my dogs is seriously allergic to the orthodox treatments available for his health problems. He is treated exclusively with herbal/natural medicine, his vet is a veterinary herbalist. Many people will simply start growing and processing their own herbal treatments leaving them open to prosecution. A piece of evil, money driven, corporate legislation that must be stopped.

      • neilbdm commented  · 

        agree 100%; is there any way of combining the 4 very similar suggestions to push this up the list so people will see it?

      • MFPA commented  · 

        The best way to stop the EU rot is to leave the EU.

      • Zara Lockwood commented  · 

        thios will encourage more people to smuggle herbs into the UK - are they trying to give customs more work or something ? Will ganoderma mushrooms be banned ?

      • p. commented  · 

        This really is something critical, I began researching Codex not long ago and I can say it is a completely undemocratic process when the commision meets, i.e. the Chair simply makes decisions on 'consensus', there is not voting.
        Most if not all his decisions have been in the favour of the EU delegate whom he may as well take orders from.
        Vitamins have been routinely demonised, wrongly so especially in the face of the toxic drugs Big Pharma produces.

        Why is Codex Alimentarious not banning real toxins?
        What about limiting alcohol consumption if as it says it needs to 'protect' consumers? Pesticides? Hello?
        Vitamins and other natural remedies are showing to be incredible at healing a wide range of diseases, notably coconut oil, mega-doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and hemp oil etcetera for cancer.
        The nutritional deficiencies the majority are experiencing is enough to demand supplementation just to avoid deficiency diseases, particularly as our soil is being depleted through intensive farming methods.
        I would certainly visit http://anh-europe.org/index.php (alliance for natural health) for this, among other related issues.
        Also for incredible health information visit:

      • Pat Barnes commented  · 

        Why is it that the law is always trying to take away our freedom to choose? Is there any hard science that shows traditional herbal medicines are harmful? afterall, people have been taking these for a very long time. I would definitely be against the banning of supplements too, me and my partner rely on them to help eleviate conditions like arthritis amongst other things.
        To Gordon Craig - If you were thinking that there are so many campaigns sharing our votes that it's in danger of watering down support, esp as we can't vote for everything we would like to give support to, I agree. Perhaps we should rally support for an issue that's in imminent danger - like this suppliments one and the The National Forests? What do others think?

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Should we consolidate our votes to make them count and pick a campaign that best suits the "No Confidence/ General election vote?" I personally feel no confidence says it all and should then lead to a general election.

      • chrisdiz commented  · 

        Hi Anonymous,

        Likewise, it's none of my business what you choose/need to put in to your body either. I don't know you. I won't judge you.

        I have a couple of friends with diabetes. I keep some of their insulin in my fridge. If they ever run into problems, their medication and health will swiftly become my business. If I develop diabetes ever, I'll likely also take it. I know someone with blood pressure problems who needs medication to remain active. I'm on the same page there. If you've been (briefly) dead, I'm truly glad science was there to save your life.

        We've both made assumptions here which may or may not be true.

        I think you've assumed I don't believe in mainstream science. That isn't the case. I believe in mainstream science. I also believe if science weren't exploited in places by politics and financial motives, the people would have better worldwide health and treatment, much less planned obsolescence, a more efficient use of resources and energy with clean and renewable ways to harness both, and a lesser negative (ideally neutral) impact on the planets systems etc..

        I've assumed, because you wrote "Absolute drivel. Stop selling snake oil now" that you think remedies from nature are a waste of time and money, be they to settle a stomach, ease a headache/migraine, introduce vitamins and/or substances otherwise lacking in one's diet or more likely if claims have been made of preventing illnesses. Is this the case or am I generalising? I don't know where you're drawing the line.

        I'm sure I don't need to tell you (given your training) about the examples where western medicine has derived and synthesised treatments and pharmaceuticals from nature.

        However, under the fully realised guidelines of Codex Alimentarius, these raw natural remedies would need expensive testing and approval to be legally sold. What profit led company is going to spend the typical £/$20-30 million for mass clinical trials & approval when products packaged directly from nature cannot be patented, therefore they cannot make the desired profits that big pharmaceutical companies are accustomed to.

        Even then, some approved vitamins & supplements which make it to the shelves may well contain too low a level to realise any solid benefit.

        I believe "entirely fraudulent" is the wrong choice of words. I'm sure there are natural health products out there which do absolutely nothing and are just a placebo, but to restrict and/or ban the whole natural health industry is counter productive (to the people), if not verging on corrupt.

        I would ask you to look up the term "efficiency in philanthropy" and see what you make of it.

        Also, let's get some perspective and scale. Natural remedies may be a multi million pound business, but big pharma is over $300 billion p/a in the US alone. Treating someone long term is more financially prosperous than curing someone entirely, or preventing illness in the first place. Easily said I know. Cures don't happen with a click of the fingers. Research and development costs money. Maybe some things can't be cured.

        How much of this is speculation and paranoia, I'll let you decide what to believe.

        At the end of the day I just don't think it's right to prevent access to natural products; it seems unnatural. And I ask "why is Codex Alimentarius necessary?".


        Ps. I don't remember blaming you for the diabetes I didn't know you have? Just saying.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have diabetes that requires me to take insulin.
        This was not my fault'
        I've also been (briefly) dead,
        It'snone of your business "chrisdiz" if I choose to believe in the science I was taught, to degree level in biology.
        That's right none of my business, if you choose to finance an entirely fraudulent, multimillionpound business.

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