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Ban "kettling". It is a clear infringement of a democratic right. Call it: Don't Put the Kettle On.

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    AnonymousAnonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • TimTim commented  · 

        Stop this vile crap.

      • Peter bowlerPeter bowler commented  · 

        Do us a favour, knock it on the head. Pick up the bad guys and leave the innocent to go about their day, free to relieve their bladders when they need to.

      • ImogenImogen commented  · 

        it often includes people who are not imvolved in any crime, who are peacefully protesting or just passing

      • Chris WilsonChris Wilson commented  · 

        Glasgow Uni alumni, Dundee Uni postgrad student, open source software developer and member of the Ubuntu project. Kettling is a cruel practice that is being increasingly used by police as a means of intimidating dissenters.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        It doesn't achieve it's stated objectives. Increases chance of violence; reduces chance of catching perpetrators. And it's a Human Rights violation. Nasty.

      • madgemadge commented  · 

        Kettling does nothing but inflame an already volatile situation & should be banned.

      • Matthew GaffenMatthew Gaffen commented  · 

        Kettling infringes basic human rights, why is it even legal?

      • tesstess commented  · 

        Its only one short step to gunfire....

      • Patrick OrrPatrick Orr commented  · 

        Glasgow Uni student in Spanish and French and proud GU Occupier... having been on tuesday witness to incredibly police heavy handedness in the veiction of our occupation i completely support this.

      • Joe TurnbullJoe Turnbull commented  · 

        Kettling is a violation of human rights, and no matter what the police or the puppet media like the bbc say, it was the tactic of kettling combined with cavalry charges that caused the so called "violence" during the student protests. I'm sorry but keeping people crushed in freezing conditions as young as 12 years old, for 9 hours is a disgrace.

      • Catherine markeyCatherine markey commented  · 

        This is an outrageous tactic to scare people off exercising their right to peaceful protest.

      • Jenny Jones AMJenny Jones AM commented  · 

        As a Police Authority member I have argued that the police cannot be trusted with such a powerful tactic. It deprives innocent people of their liberty and their human rights.

      • Dijon WallDijon Wall commented  · 

        That police used this hideous tactic on women and children should make people sick with outrage. This will go down in the depressing annals of history along with force feeding of the suffragettes, waterboarding and the black & tans (ad infinitum).

      • Anna MachellAnna Machell commented  · 

        I was kettled in Parliament Sq on 09/12/10 and then moved to Westminster Bridge into another kettle in the freezing cold. I had no access to toilet facilities or water. In order to leave, after 4 hrs of attempting to leave, I was required to pass by myself between lines of riot police, a frightening experience. At no point had I done anything that could be misinterpreted as 'violence' or even aggression. What sympathy I had with the police that day took as big a battering as the head of a friend of mine. It hasn't recovered. Kettling is a clear attempt to provoke otherwise peaceable people into the kind of desperate response one sees from a caged animal. It is a disgrace.

      • Polly's Put the kettle OnPolly's Put the kettle On commented  · 

        Just watch this video - you won't be in any doubt. Kettling is not preventing violence. Kettling IS violence - and its purpose is to stifle and deter dissent.
        Quite right that the police themselves are being taken to court for this kind of violent behaviour. I'm sure it would be right for a coalition of protest groups to impose a "no kettling zone" over London this weekend of 26 March. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2011/mar/21/g20-protest-police-tactics

      • Elizabeth AshElizabeth Ash commented  · 

        Clearly an infringement of democratic right to peaceful protest. Am truly shocked at incidents caught on film of innocent citizens hit, pushed or punched whilst displaying open, defensive, cowering body language. Denying people right to leave or access to facilities downright inhumane. This just serves to punish those who do nothing wrong, escalate fear, quash freedom to protest peacefully. Proper controls need to be put in place. Deal with few properly rather than metre out punishment and harsh treatment to all. Do a proper job!

      • GSOGSO commented  · 

        A very dangerous (for democracy) direction to be heading in.

      • Maxwell ScruttockMaxwell Scruttock commented  · 

        Kettling is very repressive and likely to actually provoke violence rather than "control" it - or is this the whole idea? Scare the hell out of people with the threats of beatings, denial of access to water and toilets so they don't protest?
        It smells like this to me - fascist social engineering.

      • holding back the riverholding back the river commented  · 

        In reply to "Stephen" below, it is really not complicated at all. Police need to arrest people who are breaking the law and leave others alone. If there is a speeding car on the motorway, we don't expect police to stop all drivers.
        Police tactics in relation to kettling have very little to do with preventing violence, and a lot to do with deterring protest.

        Do you imagine that there is, for some inexplicable reason, a large body of people intent on "mindless violence?" Surely a more rational explanation is that there are very large numbers of people very angry with a government intent on imposing policies for which it has absolutely no mandat. (eg NHS privatisation.)

        These threadbare arguments justifying police kettling have never stood up to intelligent scrutiny. Indeed, on this site the police have been asked to engage in the debate, but have never been able to do so.

        Look at objective analysis of police tactics. Both the HMIC and the IPCC reports raised serious concerns about police tactics and yet kettling goes on.

        It is utterly shameful that, at a time when UK armed forces are engaged in a military exercise, supposedly designed to support peaceful protest in Lybia, that there are angry UK citizens too frightened to go on a protest because of their fear of police kettling and other tactics.

        Yes, there are simple solutions: stop political policing; stop kettling; and ensure a publicly funded police force uses its professionalism to arrest lawbreakers and leave others alone. More than this, the police actually have a duty to facilitate peaceful protest. (This is not opinion, it's the law.) They are not doing it.

      • Annik PiriouAnnik Piriou commented  · 

        Kettling is collective punishment and so should be illegal.

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