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HS2 - High Speed Rail Link. We dont need to spend £160m per mile

Costing over £160m per mile, the proposed HS2 High Speed Rail Link will not only help further bankrupt our country but will slash and scar our countryside, leaving a permanent reminder to our children of politics gone mad and a dynasty of greed of gargantuan proportions.

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    Joanne Barnes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Terry commented  · 

        This complete idiocy WILL happen unless you all get all your friends and acquaintances to register their opposition on line before the end of this month
        Do not make the mistake of thinking that if they are not on the proposed route they are not affected - we will ALL pay and, from Land's End to John O'Groats, we should all register our opposition. Don't wait, do it NOW.

      • Gordon Findlay commented  · 

        This is going to tax the poor to allow rich businessmen to travel to their meetings a bit quicker, damaging an officially protected Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the process. The net flow of jobs would be to London, not "the north" as proponents claim. The money would be better spent on upgrading the whole rail network so the whole country benefits.

      • Darren Felton commented  · 

        No! No! No! Imagine if the train system (and local services, e.g. TfL) had £33 Billion to upgrade? The country does not need this train. We have some already. Let's get them working first. Please?

      • Jenny commented  · 

        We already have two trains from London to Birmingham - one from Euston & one from Marylebone. If you had non stop trains every hour from each station that would save the 20mins thats costing the country in excess of 33bn. Save the money & give it to the NHS , Police Force & our future - the Students.

      • Kim commented  · 

        With all of the reports coming from other countries of the financial difficulties they are experiencing with high speed rail, what part of NOT VIABLE, TOO EXPENSIVE are our government struggling with??

      • Colin Megson commented  · 

        If I ruled the world, there would be a 30 mph speed limit on everything that moves. Halves the mobile fuel costs overnight. Makes everybody stay put wherever they reached in the day - lots of new hotels and jobs. Cuts accidental travel-related deaths and injuries by 99%. Relaxes everybody's nervous system and blood pressure and adds another 5 years to life expectancy. Just what does speed for the sake of it offer?

      • A Bankes commented  · 

        Please visit Stop HS2 petition website to add your name, so far 46k names, Govt consultation ends 29 July 2011. At least 100k names are required by Dec 2011 so this can be debated in Parliment. Visit http://www.gopetition.co.uk/petitions/stop-hs2.html to add your name and comment.

      • tdam commented  · 

        Such horrendoes cost both in the loss of beautiful countryside but also the cost to the taxpaper. What is the justification for such an extravagance when we have a railway that has only recently been made into a four track. What's wrong with going a little slower - do we need to speed up our way of life?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We should improve the services we already have. Moe trains, more reasonably priced. We already have two main lines running north to south, why ruin more countryside for something we cannot afford, to save a small amount of time? Also I`ve no doubt it will be unaffordable for most people.

      • Patricia Stephen commented  · 

        Ridiculous waste of money this country has not got. Just improve our existing infrastructure. This government wastes money in all directions, since being in power they have done nothing to improve this country and now they want to make a big scar across our beautiful countryside to save a few people twenty minutes off their journey. Couldn't they just get up a bit earlier and use an improved rail network?

      • Rebecca King commented  · 

        HS2 will happen: Cameron is terified of appearing to change his mind too often and has pretty well said its going ahead. This despite the appalling damage to ancient woodland (40+ sites directly affected). 4 Wildlife Trust reserves, 10 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), and numerous local wildlife sites lie in the route of the proposed High Speed Rail HS2 route. It will fragment populations of butterflies, bats and birds, and compromise the natural movements of large mammals such as badgers. In fact it's as damaging as it could be, and has been presented as if this was the only alternative.
        Its opposed by the Woodland Trust, RSPB, Wildlife trusts etc etc. And the closing date is less than three weeks away!

      • Elaine Hancock commented  · 

        The spanish have stopped theres due to only average of 9 passengers a day at a cost of£16,000 a day to operate .The scottish tram service is massively overdue and over budget. Please help we need 100,000 signed up against it .It will benefit few if built but it will be paid for from our taxes.

      • Elaine Hancock commented  · 

        this needs the help of everyone to stop it .there are only a few weeks left and everyone will ed up paying when we need more help for the elderly, the sick ,more jobs created now.more for pensions and general transport improvements.more money for the forcesand no destruction of our countryside.PLEASE HELP

      • keys commented  · 

        This is going to go through unless there is a major campaign!!

      • Neil commented  · 

        Improve the whole rail network, rather than propose a 'white elephant' of a dedicated track!

      • kay commented  · 

        what a bloody disgrace

        and totally totally unnecessary

      • Damian commented  · 

        If you could see the gorgeous countryside and buildings this will destroy you would stop the HS2 now. Not least the wildlife, total disregard to bat preservation orders etc whose natural habitat is being destroyed, the families that this line is upsetting. This line makes no sense....it really does not add up unless your the contractor or politician.

      • Elaine Hancock commented  · 

        It is unlikely to be built in Britain so cost the country in imports.The trains that are being updated have been contracted to japan and germany.I believe they have been fact finding in china.

      • Daphne gilbert commented  · 

        The money would be better spent on the existing outdated networks e.g. Northern rail's Newcastle Carlisle line!

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