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HS2 - High Speed Rail Link. We dont need to spend £160m per mile

Costing over £160m per mile, the proposed HS2 High Speed Rail Link will not only help further bankrupt our country but will slash and scar our countryside, leaving a permanent reminder to our children of politics gone mad and a dynasty of greed of gargantuan proportions.

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    Joanne Barnes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • tmhunter commented  · 

        Saw this on countryfile was disgusted that this can happen. What is this country coming to when our landscape is ruined for a small increase in convenience

      • Peter Munns commented  · 

        Massive waste of money! Better traffic management, upgrade existing rail infrastructure. Overhaul Network Rail and private contractor working (I work in the industry, it's in a shocking state)

      • TimDanMick commented  · 

        The capital cost of rail infrastructure is now insane when current labour costs are compared to those in Victorian times. Advances in computer navigation and cruising systems in cars will permit much greater vehicle densities.

      • Nicola Havutcu commented  · 

        This is unconsciounable and a complete loss of a sense of priority. When spending cuts are hitting the NHS in an unprecedented fashion affecting patient care and our ability to save lives - a reduction in a journey time of ten minutes is hardly necessary!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        what about other lines and stations that need money to stay alive ie polesworth station ok its not massively used but when the trent valley line started opening slow line services to the region all the other stations got a service but polesworth only gets 1 train a day because they cant bothered to repair the bridge again in atherstone a better service but the bridge is closed because it needs repairing and yet in the meantime pessengers have to go out to a road down a hill under bridge through more wilderness to get to the other platform this takes 10 to 20 minutes by the way when it would take 30 seconds using a bridge

      • Fiona Alexander commented  · 

        Can't believe this is considered a priority use of limited resources

      • Belinda Naylor commented  · 

        HS2 is the wrong priority for spending. Unprecedented spending cuts are affecting everyone across the whole country, yet the Coalition continue to ringfence the money for an ultra high speed line with a dubious business case.

        Cameron clearly believes the £33bn of taxpayers money it will cost to build HS2 will buy him votes in the North of England.

      • Mike Jones commented  · 

        Despite government promisses not to cut spending on the NHS even small hospitals have to make cuts of £60 million over then next 3 years and on-going £30 million per year after that. This will affect YOUR health, yet they spend this obscene amount of money on an unnecessary railway.

      • Shuko Matsuura commented  · 

        Please stop wasting of money, destroying the peoples lives and beautiful  view of countryside 

      • Julia Miranda commented  · 

        10 minutes at the cost of people's homes, livelihoods and £17.4bn? This doesn't add up.

      • Trish Weekes commented  · 

        This is a terrrible waste of our country's money, all for the sake of speed. Which also is about to destroy the homes and lives of far too many families. Please will those in government stop and think, and listen to the public.

      • jess bentall commented  · 

        For such a small decrease in journey time this completely unnecessary, especially for the amount of money needed & for the devastation of countryside & livelihood.

      • Laura Pheasey commented  · 

        The government can't even decide what it's arguments for building HS2 are. With the reasons stated shifting all the time, how can they even think of going ahead with this expensive and damaging scheme?

      • John Barnes commented  · 

        The whole principle of High Speed Rail in such a small and heavily populated country as ours is questionable.We can already travel to London on the West Coast line in an hour from Lichfield and in a smilar time from Birmingham International.All the government is doing is paying lip service to us all whilst massaging their own egos and in that process are playing Russian Roullette with our lives.We potentially will lose not only our home,but our business and livelihood ,a business I might add employs 40 plus people thus helping to support the rural economy.A merry Christmas to you too Philip Hammond!!!

      • Katherine H commented  · 

        I totally disagree with this, what a complete waste of money. Surely there are other much more important things £17.4 billion pounds can be used for...

      • Nick commented  · 

        Reasons why to help start our campaign to say ‘No’ to the HS2 – High Speed Rail Link.

        We need your help to raise awareness of the damage that will be inflicted on our farming heritage if this proposal goes ahead.

        Did you know:

        The cost of the HS2 projected estimated at £17.4bln. Its aim is to reduce journey times from London to Birmingham by 10 minutes. That equates to £160m per mile or £1.74 billion for each minute saved.

        The full network would concrete an area the size of Manchester

        The 72 metres ‘no vegetation’ width is wider than Wembley (69 metres).

        The HS2 rail link will scar our countryside slashing areas of natural beauty.

        Farming communities will be targeted as land is compulsory purchased; our farming heritage is under attack.

        Personally, our family farm will be demolished, bringing to an end of three generations of farming. The farm shop that serves as an outlet for local farmers will also be flattened.

        If you feel as strongly as I do about sticking up for farming in the UK then please vote for our campaign

      • Sarah towndrow commented  · 

        Don't carve up the land and rural industries for a little extra speed. The country has a million issues more pressing than reaching Birmingham in less time.

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