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HS2 - High Speed Rail Link. We dont need to spend £160m per mile

Costing over £160m per mile, the proposed HS2 High Speed Rail Link will not only help further bankrupt our country but will slash and scar our countryside, leaving a permanent reminder to our children of politics gone mad and a dynasty of greed of gargantuan proportions.

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    Joanne Barnes shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        HS2 as proposed is going to use outdated technology. We should have Magnetic Levitation(ML) tracks installed on both the existing East and West coast lines with proper east to west links. An international airport built between Glasgow and Edinburgh would create a world class conurbation and relieve the press to build a third runway ay Heathrow or to build on an island in the Thames Estuary.

      • graham commented  · 

        i agree with the comments on this we dont need a high speed link so the rich can get to work a few mins earlier than they allready do and whos going to pay for it the rail user of course through even more rail fare increases.i think money will be better spent on improving our whole transport network rather than trying to like the countries that have a hispeed rail network

      • Jon commented  · 

        Anyone have any idea how many votes it takes before 28 Degrees starts to act on a proposed campaign? Are we any where near that number yet? Come on 38 Degrees! We need your backing on this one!

      • Carl Holmes commented  · 

        come on 38 degrees why isnt there a campaign on this

      • Terry Marston commented  · 

        Does anyone really believe the projected figures for the building costs of this white elephant to be? By the time it is completed, the cost to the tax PAYERS will have doubled - as with all such government projects. The tax evaders will have little use for the 45 minutes the journey will save because the progress in communications technology will render it superfluous. HS2 is an idea past its use-by date.

      • Emily commented  · 

        Disgraceful waste of resources and needless destruction of the natural environment, with little or no proven economic benefit, and plenty of other solutions for increasing capacity simply discarded because they lack the necessary glamour. And all this in the absence of a coherent strategy for transport across the UK, and against a backdrop of economic hardship and environmental crisis! I really hope this is the next campaign for 38 degrees.

      • Peter Rawcliffe commented  · 

        I'd really like to see a 38 Degrees campaign against HS2.

        It's a ludicrous way to spend so much. £30 billion (and it'll double, no doubt). The minster on BBC's Newsnight last night twice said 30 Million. I wonder if he realises that a UK billion is 1000 million, so we're talking about at least £30,000,000,000, likely twice that. That could do a lot of good in schools, hospitals, even on 'ordinary' railways...

      • Colin Turner commented  · 

        As a regular commuter for over six years I cannot see why the existing network is not good enough. Lets face it, you can still work on the train with a laptop, notepad, phone or even an Iphone. So just cut down on the first class spaces (which are underused anyway) add another carriage and either make the platforms longer where you can or have only selected doors open for the shorter ones, if the platforms cannot be made longer. As for journey times, I really can't see that saving 30 minutes to Birmingham will make any difference as there will always be delays, even on the proposed new line. We will still get the wrong type of leaves, snow, ice, fog or passenger action!! whatever line is used. So lets use the money now on improving what we have and preserve our precious countyside!!!!

      • James Atkins commented  · 

        it's like primary school. the japs have one, the germans, the chinese and the frogs. so cameron and his cronies want one. utterly childish and pathetic.

      • Mal commented  · 

        Obscene waste of resources when the country needs to tighten it's belt - and all to shave a few minutes off a journey...

      • GAULIRMORN commented  · 

        I think that, given the amount of debt this country has been plunged into by previous governments and the banking crisis, it is OBSCENE to the nth degree that the coalition is preparing to throw away £32 billion (at a MINIMUM...) of taxpayers money on such a frivolous gesture!
        Cameron had my backing with the cuts; as I believed he was trying to get us out of the mire we are currently in.
        How can he make cuts in welfare based on the fact that the taxpayer cannot sustain such levels of payment, and then toss £32 billion at this?
        And what happens in 15 years time when it still hasn't been finished, and continues to be a drain on taxpayer resources...?
        We don't need this rail link.
        The countryside doesn't need it either!
        According to the paper this morning, this route will be too expensive for most people to enjoy anyway...
        And isn't the rail system supposedly privatised? Shouldn't the huge price hikes seen this month by those commuters returning to work be paying to cover stuff like this?

      • Peter Waite commented  · 

        My family is under finacial pressure. So is the UK.
        My solution is not to order a top of the range Jaguar but to conserve cash resorces.
        The Government solution is to commit the country to £31bn and rising.
        Where is the logic in this

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The money for this project would give us ALL a first class Public Transport system which would benefit everybody, not just a few rich business people, and which we could all afford to use. Raping our beautiful countryside to benefit just a few should not be an option.

      • James Atkins commented  · 

        These people are dotty - it must be that crazy Osborne and his dinosaur colleagues. It makes so much more sense to improve the rail network incrementally across the country rather than build one very fast line between two cities. And the country can't afford it. We should rebuild this nation modestly and step by step, not with huge folly-some vanity projects.

      • Yvonne darcy commented  · 

        Madness totally insane. What are they thinking? Oh that's right they aren't. In 15 yrs time when this rail track may or may not be completed technology will have advanced further and will no doubt need upgrading again for these faster trains and what about in 25 yrs time when they suggest the link to Manchester/ Leeds will be done. Complete insanity when the rail systems need upgrading now and actually the country apparently has no money. If this is so important to business then they should pay for it and this so called government should stop bleeding this country dry and start investing in the people of the country not mad crazy ideas. We need to be voting on this as a nation and we need to stop this lunacy.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is not original but it obviously needs repeating. For 35 billion (which is likely to mean 38 or 40 or ?? billion) we get to wait 14 years (which means 16 or 18 or ?? years) for a cut of 30 mins journey time from London to Birmingham. Wow! Does anybody really believe that a saving of 30 minutes on an existing 100 minute journey will really be considered relevant and worth the upheaval, the immeasurable environmental damage and the obscene expense in 2026? This is a vanity project, nothing more.

      • C Coyne commented  · 

        If you had £33 Billion of Taxpayers money to spend, would you
        a) want to save businessmen a half hour on their travelling time, (but not
        before 2024), or
        b) find a saner way to encourage real industry and services to the Midlands
        and North of England in a shorter timescale, e.g. or
        c) perhaps stop cutting the jobs of public service workers so they pay income
        tax instead of collecting dole, or
        d) something else?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is financial rape of taxpayer money and should be treated as an act of treason - as it is diverting funds that could save lives in other more useful projects.
        The recipe is always the same :-
        - announce a grand project (Millenium Dome, Millenium Stadium, Wembley, Olympics, High speed rail
        - give the financial figure make it small to start with (£32billion is certianly not what they have in mind £60 billion is probably more like it)
        - publicise a fake "open tender" (knowing in advance that only 2 of your buddy companies will get the contract.
        - 5 years into the project announce delays,/difficulties so you can milk the taxpayer for more money
        - 8 years into the project announce more delays/difficulties and state that the project costs have doubled
        - 2 years before completion announce that the project has been "grossly understimated due to unforseen circumstance - more manoey demanded from the Public purse
        - 1 year before completion use the "blame it on the contractors" clause and use it to extract even more money from the taxpayer

        - Result in most cases - taxpayer unsatisfied - a number of white elephants produced.

        This will only stop once the Public wake up to the fact that we are being conned and put a stop to it!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Some of the countryside the rail will cut through is near where I grew up in Warwickshire. IT's beautiful countryside and I don't want to see it ruined by an over-expensive rail link which will probably be used as an excuse by rail companies to raise their ticket prices even more.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The money could be better spent elsewhere - perhaps helping reduce the cost of train fares. SSIs and AONBs are not protection enough for the countryside unfortunately.

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