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The European Law to ban the sale of all herbal medicines in April 2011

This is without question the most aggregious example of the rampant global corporatist state. Big Pharma is literally trying to OUTLAW all herbal medicines, many of which have been used successfully and safely for THOUSANDS of YEARS.

The entire world needs to respond to this becasue trust me, if they got it done in Europe, America is next!

The most important thing is publicity. This needs to be challenged in court. Small herbal medicine clinics that have been sucessfully treating people for years will be forced out of the market ready for big money companies to make thier move.


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    Elizabeth Upton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Michael Stanley-Baker commented  · 

        My previous post was curtailed. I had five or more links. Just do a search on "herbal medicine" and you will find them.

      • Michael Stanley-Baker commented  · 
      • Anonymous commented  · 

        soon there will be a law stating we wont be able to grow the herbs.

      • Claire commented  · 

        I ran out of votes - otherwise I would have rated this the highest!! If we lose the power to keep ourselves healthy there's no hope!

      • neilbdm commented  · 

        AGREE 100%. can you & Sophie Middleton combine somehow? the vote is split as of now

      • andrea commented  · 

        this is the thin end of the wedge - vitamins and supplements will be next

      • Daniela Borini commented  · 

        Can you start a petition like the forest one on facebook! THere are so mnay people eho are unaware of this new law coming in and im sure if they knew via more publicity which is easily created on facebook, there would be more attention to this ridiculous law which only serves the fat cats

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Should we consolidate our votes to make them count and pick a campaign that best suits the "No Confidence/ General election vote?" I personally feel no confidence says it all and should then lead to a general election.

      • chrisdiz commented  · 

        I posted this on the similar campaign suggestion but as that only has 49 votes, I thought I'd put this here too. It was in reply to "Anonymous".

        "Hi Anonymous,

        Likewise, it's none of my business what you choose/need to put in to your body either. I don't know you. I won't judge you.

        I have a couple of friends with diabetes. I keep some of their insulin in my fridge. If they ever run into problems, their medication and health will swiftly become my business. If I develop diabetes ever, I'll likely also take it. I know someone with blood pressure problems who needs medication to remain active. I'm on the same page there. If you've been (briefly) dead, I'm truly glad science was there to save your life.

        We've both made assumptions here which may or may not be true.

        I think you've assumed I don't believe in mainstream science. That isn't the case. I believe in mainstream science. I also believe if science weren't exploited in places by politics and financial motives, the people would have better worldwide health and treatment, much less planned obsolescence, a more efficient use of resources and energy with clean and renewable ways to harness both, and a lesser negative (ideally neutral) impact on the planets systems etc..

        I've assumed, because you wrote "Absolute drivel. Stop selling snake oil now" that you think remedies from nature are a waste of time and money, be they to settle a stomach, ease a headache/migraine, introduce vitamins and/or substances otherwise lacking in one's diet or more likely if claims have been made of preventing illnesses. Is this the case or am I generalising? I don't know where you're drawing the line.

        I'm sure I don't need to tell you (given your training) about the examples where western medicine has derived and synthesised treatments and pharmaceuticals from nature.

        However, under the fully realised guidelines of Codex Alimentarius, these raw natural remedies would need expensive testing and approval to be legally sold. What profit led company is going to spend the typical £/$20-30 million for mass clinical trials & approval when products packaged directly from nature cannot be patented, therefore they cannot make the desired profits that big pharmaceutical companies are accustomed to.

        Even then, some approved vitamins & supplements which make it to the shelves may well contain too low a level to realise any solid benefit.

        I believe "entirely fraudulent" is the wrong choice of words. I'm sure there are natural health products out there which do absolutely nothing and are just a placebo, but to restrict and/or ban the whole natural health industry is counter productive (to the people), if not verging on corrupt.

        I would ask you to look up the term "efficiency in philanthropy" and see what you make of it.

        Also, let's get some perspective and scale. Natural remedies may be a multi million pound business, but big pharma is over $300 billion p/a in the US alone. Treating someone long term is more financially prosperous than curing someone entirely, or preventing illness in the first place. Easily said I know. Cures don't happen with a click of the fingers. Research and development costs money. Maybe some things can't be cured.

        How much of this is speculation and paranoia, I'll let you decide what to believe.

        At the end of the day I just don't think it's right to prevent access to natural products; it seems unnatural. And I ask "why is Codex Alimentarius necessary?".


        Ps. I don't remember blaming you for the diabetes I didn't know you have? Just saying."

      • sally commented  · 

        The EU directive certainly is one to oppose - but riding on the back of this legislation is an even larger monster called CODEX ALIMENTARIUS - (food code) - THIS one is the big one and we must do all we can to stop it - opposing the EU directive on herbal supplements is one such step. Go to www.thenhf.com for more details on Codex.

      • Elizabeth Sylvester-Gray commented  · 

        Why do we put up with European Law....let's start a campaign to get out of the E.U. NOW!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I didn't post my name because I've had posts from all sorts of self -righteous sorts who don't seem to understand evidence - based medicine.
        Let's make it clear;

        Some herbal medicines work (e.g. salicylic acid) but often not as effectively as the pharmeceutical alternative (aspirin). Many of them haven't and many companies make huge profits from this without having to pay the development costs that pharmecuetical companies have to make.

        I'm alive because of medical research.

        I have to take insulin and other drugs to stay alive.

        To say that ther is a "proven efficacy" to herbal remedies is nonsense.

        I also have Bipolar Affective Disorder and I am stable because of the prescribed drugs.

        Here's a poem I wrote recently.

        List For Life1,2

        Wake up.
        Insulin (background)3,
        Carbohydrate, insulin.
        Antidepressant, anticonvulsant,
        Painkillers, Anticoagulant.
        Carbohydrate, insulin,
        Insulin (background).
        Repeat Daily.


        1. The title is in homage to Iggy Pop (who used to be one of the coolest people on the planet until he started selling car insurance) and his song “Lust For Life”.

        2. Most people, once they get a bit older, tend to have prescriptions for various drugs and either have a list or an organiser of some sort so they can keep track of which drugs to take and when.

        3. I have Type I diabetes and follow a regime called DAFNE (Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating, if you need to know). This involves taking a slow acting, background insulin and a rapid - acting insulin to match carbohydrate intake.
        4. The commonest self-medication.


      • George pinnell commented  · 

        Perhaps the government should be reminded about its fluoridation favouritism? I find it appalling that over 5 million people are being medicated, via their drinking water, without their consent and often without their knowledge! One of the compounds used was sodium fluoride - which has been widely used as an effective rat poison. Surely, we should all be demanding of our MPs that all fluoridation schemes are stopped forthwith as there is no medical products licence for the additives used. As the compound is derived from pollution scrubbers it is contaminated with other toxic nasties; such as arsenic,berylium, cadmium, lead and mercury. Surely the water companies should exercise their duty of care and ensure that they are purified to British Pharmaceutical Standards first. All 4 of the original fluoride trial areas prematurely abandoned the experiment as it proved too costly, ineffective and caused adverse health effects. SO WHY ARE THEY WASTING OUR MONEY ON THIS PROVEN FAILURE? The government even excluded all the animal studies from the York Review. In its report in 2000 it revealed that 48% of children in fluoridated areas were already suffering from dental fluorosis (the first sign of chronic fluoride poisoning). In a quarter of the cases it was severe mottling, where the teeth are pitted and stained brown. This surely outweighs the claimed dental benefits which amount to the delay of less than one filling for about a year? The only treatment is to mask the effect with a dental veneer, which is not available as NHS treatment. How would you like to pay over £500, per veneer - especially as the treatment may need to be repeated every 10 years?
        More information can be found at: http://www2.fluoridealert.org/Alert/United-Kingdom

      • Janet Granger commented  · 

        There *is* 'proven efficacy' - as long as you don't just believe the drivel put out by pharmaceutical companies (who often falsify their research results for their *own* products). Interesting that you didn't use a real name for your post, 'Anonymous'.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Herbal medicines are sold at way above their market value, with no proven efficacy. This is an example of people making huge profits selling snake oil.

      • Mike commented  · 

        God says that I can use them......!

        "Behold - I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the Earth ... "- God speaks in Genesis 1:29


      • June commented  · 

        There is no need for so-called Clinical Trials on herbal medicines. Herbalists have professional qualifications and the safety and efficacy of herbal medicines has been proved using millions of people for thousands of years -- not a few people over a period of 6 months!
        June Backhouse

      • anna lovatt commented  · 

        I have been watching this matter for some time. Im still in total shock that anyone in thier right mind would allow this through.


      • Janet Granger commented  · 

        There is an item on the BBC news website today (15/1/11) about this here:

        But, as usual, they are approaching this topic from a *business* angle, not a human rights angle. People have the right to choose what to use to keep themselves healthy.

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