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The coalition "are considering" assessing children in their DLA shake up.

In the DLA reform white paper they are "considering" reassessing disabled children, as well as adults. Not only do they want to cut the benefits bill by chucking of disabled adults they want to do the same to children. They have also sneeked in an item on carers allowance "they are looking at it" ie going to means test or abolish. In this proposal you also have the right to "ask" for an appeal. Not saying you will get an appeal, but you have the right to ask for one. Picking on the disabled and vulnerable is discusting.

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    crazymum shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Johnny Chatterton responded  · 

    We’re looking into a technical problem with the suggest a campaigns system.

    Last night we merged this with another DLA campaign after being asked to by the people who had originally created the suggestions. This follows on from previous problems we had with merging campaigns.

    Unfortunately last night there was a problem with the system and when we merged the campaigns thousands of votes were removed from the total.

    I’m really sorry this happened. We’re looking into this and trying to sort it out.


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      • Peter Morris commented  · 

        Two young ladies I know with MS have been recently assessed by DWP / ATOS for the incapacity component of their ESA payments and both have been assessed as being perfectly normal, able to hold down a full time job and have been taken off that part of the ESA. It is disgraceful how the DWP is now apparently taking to underhanded tactics which are actually gross distortions of the truth and they are lying in their assessments in order to save money. Watch out DLA receipients - they plan to save £1.6 billion by 2014 from DLA recipients.

      • nobby commented  · 

        This government is truly despicable, the way they are treating the sick and disabled. A civilized society looks after their vulnerable members, not treats them like dirt. All three main political parties should be ashamed of themselves. I'm ashamed of my own country.

      • Kate smith commented  · 

        I could not live with out my DLA, why do people think we want to be sick or disabaled, this was not my life choose. I hate the way I am. Please stop hurting us more.

      • fluffy commented  · 

        voting again - this is subtle mass genocide

      • Faith commented  · 

        The disabled of this country are starting to feel like the Jews must have felt during the Holocaust. We are not invisible and we live in a so called civilised society. What civilised society treats their sick and disabled the way we are being treated. We are thinking, feeling human beings and need to be treated as such. We need our DLA. Many will be left in extreme poverty and/or commit suicide if this goes ahead.

      • Debbie Anderson commented  · 

        It is a civilized country that is willing to take care of its sick and disabled.. please do not abolish the DLA

      • CaroleC commented  · 

        Still time to write in or phone in to make your comments and thoughts known to the DLA Consulatation Panel. The time has been extended til 18th February.

        Queries and responses can also be submitted by email to: consultation.dlareform@dwp.gsi.gov.uk or in writing to:

        DLA Reform Team
        1st Floor
        Caxton House
        Tothill Street
        SW1H 9NA

        Tel: 02074497688

        You can view the DLA consultation documents in various formats as well as respond to the consultation questions online by visiting the DWP website here: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/consultations/2010/dla-reform.shtml

        The following are the direct links to the full consultation PDF and the “easy-read” version:

        Full consultation PDF: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/dla-reform-consultation.pdf

        Easy-read version: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/dla-reform-consultation-easyread.pdf

        In potentially one of the most significant changes to the disability benefits system in years, the government is proposing to replace Disability Living Allowance with a new scheme call Personal Independence Payment. These changes will be introduced in 2013/14.

        There is a public consultation running until 14th February 2011 which is seeking your opinion on the proposed changes. Details of where you can view this consultation, as well as how to respond, are shown below.

        Some of the main changes from DLA will be:

        1. There will be no automatic entitlement to PIP except for those with a terminal illness.
        2. The two components of Mobility and Daily Living will each have two rates.
        3. Applying for PIP will automatically mean being assessed by an independent medical examiner.
        4. To be awarded PIP you will need to have had Spinal Injury for six months.
        5. Entitlement will stop after 28 days in hospital but the Consultation paper says that the government will work with Motability to ensure that Motability agreements are supported.
        6. Once in receipt of PIP you will be periodically reassessed.


      • Gwebo commented  · 

        They say a society can be judged on how it treats the most vulnerable, the way this govenrment its treating the sick and disabled is truly shocking. Do not abolish DLA listen to those inreciet of this benefit, they know what is needed.

      • helen anderson commented  · 

        starts with care homes and then those in their own homes will be stranded.

      • SalMcI commented  · 

        Can't believe they would even consider aboloshing the DLA!

      • King Frog commented  · 

        Don't just comment... VOTE! Little box, top left hand corner, next to "A campaign........ allocate 3 votes..... (I hate to think how many "lost" votes there have been due to people just commenting)

      • Lynn James-Jenkinson commented  · 

        DLA is a valuable resource to our daughter which she can use to support real inclusion without having to get someones permission like with her direct payment. This can't be taken away

      • Marianne Hembrow commented  · 

        taking from the poor and needy again? shame on you. Lots of people thought you would be a breath of fresh air after labour, all you are doing is making a bad smell! this benefit is crucial to the lives of many people, if you need to save some money maybe some MP's need a paycut!

      • Janis Slorance commented  · 

        DLA Is essential for a lot of people and the worry and stress it will cause if removed is unthinkable.

      • Lorraine Purser commented  · 

        I was very lucky to have received DLA for my M.E. it has been a godsend, I also qualified for a car and this has made life much easier - I am one of the lucky ones who has a fab GP and Consultant. It isn't right to take it away but I live in fear that it will be with the new reforms

      • joanne commented  · 

        cameron put in for it when he wanted it though he dident need it but he is willing to take it from the poor and needy what sort of a person his he not carring thats for sure or did he not get dla so hes takeing it off every one else very sad man indeed should not be in any sort of power if he belives in what he is doing to the disabled people of britain SHAME ON YOU D. CAMERON

      • Peter h commented  · 

        The conservative party of the 1980's / 90's did a good thing by introducing DLA and it is a benefit which has improved the lives of many disabled people with very little fraud.

        The currant attacks on disabled people are repellant in the extreme and also, by cutting funds for welfare organisations mean that poor decisions cannot be challenged by the poorest in society

      • Tim Hatcher commented  · 

        Many of my friends suffer from Bi Polar Disorder, by comparison I'm lucky. I only have depression. They are going down like flies at the thought alone og looseing support. Dam the bankers and their government cronies.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This allowance is essential for people with disabilities.

      • judy commented  · 

        To everyone who is posting their comments here - you need to VOTE for the campaign as well! click on the "Vote" box next to the title and choose the number of votes you want to give - up to 3. Thanks.

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