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The coalition "are considering" assessing children in their DLA shake up.

In the DLA reform white paper they are "considering" reassessing disabled children, as well as adults. Not only do they want to cut the benefits bill by chucking of disabled adults they want to do the same to children. They have also sneeked in an item on carers allowance "they are looking at it" ie going to means test or abolish. In this proposal you also have the right to "ask" for an appeal. Not saying you will get an appeal, but you have the right to ask for one. Picking on the disabled and vulnerable is discusting.

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    crazymumcrazymum shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Johnny ChattertonJohnny Chatterton responded  · 

    We’re looking into a technical problem with the suggest a campaigns system.

    Last night we merged this with another DLA campaign after being asked to by the people who had originally created the suggestions. This follows on from previous problems we had with merging campaigns.

    Unfortunately last night there was a problem with the system and when we merged the campaigns thousands of votes were removed from the total.

    I’m really sorry this happened. We’re looking into this and trying to sort it out.


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      • Chris MaguireChris Maguire commented  · 

        Defend the poor, disabled, sick and elderly.

      • Black Triangle CampaignBlack Triangle Campaign commented  · 


        Our response:


        We support this statement from Where's the Benefit?:

        And this petition from The Broken of Britain:


        We congratulate you and offer you our sincerest thanks for your expression of solidarity on taking up this issue on behalf of all our sick and disabled citizens who are suffering nothing short of a 'pogrom' at the hands of this heartless "coalition".

        In Solidarity,
        Black Triangle
        Anti-Defamation Campaign
        In Defence of Disabled Claimants


      • fiona lloydfiona lloyd commented  · 

        An Empire is only as strong as it's weakest citizen. Empower the weak and your civilisation grows.

      • Jane WinterJane Winter commented  · 

        Being disabled should not mean being imprisoned!

      • Gillian BroughtonGillian Broughton commented  · 

        The Goverment are exterminating the sick and disabled just like Hitler did with the Jews !!!!

      • Bunty BrewsterBunty Brewster commented  · 

        The Government are picking on the most vulnerable people in Society, those who can't stand up and defend themselves. Taking away a sick persons DLA will have a devastating impact on some. When will we value all people, not just those who are lucky enough to work? The Government are heartless.

      • CatherineCatherine commented  · 

        Targeting disabled people for cuts is seen as easy by politicians, because there is no reliable way for disabled people to organise a protest (no union or anyone else elected by disabled people to speak for them).
        Add this to the facts that many are having sufficient difficulties managing day-to-day life (examples are those with fatigue, chronic pain or long-term illness), some cannot communicate easily and others are unable to get out to demonstrate on the streets and it's easy to see why politicians think this is a soft target.
        This is also why all politicians should be ashamed of themselves for trying to remove this support. Any that don't support this need to speak out in parliament NOW, not wait until the changes have been put into action.

      • RoseRose commented  · 

        Very little fraud compared to tax fraud believe it is ideolgy driven rather than fiancial will push ill people to such an extent they will end up in homes and cost the government more long term.

      • RebeccaRebecca commented  · 

        My Dad worked and paid taxes his whole life from the age of 16. 5 years before he reached retirement age he had to quit when his ankyolosing spondylitis became so bad he could hardly walk. It took 2 years and 3 appeals for him to get DLA, that was 2 years of financial hardhip for my family. All the while our government are telling us there's no money handing cash to their banker chums. Disgusting.

      • Stuart WyattStuart Wyatt commented  · 

        It is immoral and unfair to target the disabled to pay for the crimes of the rich.

      • Rose MossRose Moss commented  · 

        Disabled people stuggle enough with their conditions without financial worries too and need help and support.A civilised society looks after its sick and disabled.

      • biggee59biggee59 commented  · 

        The changing of DLA will ruin lives not only of the disabled but also their families

      • biggee59biggee59 commented  · 

        The changing of DLA will ruin lives not only of the disabled but also their families

      • But You Look AlrightBut You Look Alright commented  · 

        The public must wake up to what is being done to the chronically ill and disabled in their name. Chronic illness and disability can happen to anyone or a family member at anytime. Tomorrow it could be you, your child, wife, husband, sister, brother, mother who has an accident or chronic illness. Fate intervenes when you least expect it. A society that values the worth of a human being only as a unit of economic production, and aims to withdraw the means of survival to those who cannot comply, is on a dangerous path.

        Also DLA is not an out of work benefit as portrayed, but can also be payed to help ennable those disabled who can work to do so and many do. Without this help they will lose their jobs.The government plans arbitrarily to remove 25% of people in receipt of DLA - who will have already been through a stringent and thorough process to assess eligibility. Many people think they know someone who they judge to be not disabled. Not all disabled people are in wheelchairs. Many illnesses and disabilities are "invisible", but nevertheless life changing. Now, everyone thinks they have the ability of a doctor and can "tell" who is/is not "deserving". Remember too, that most "disabled" people were once healthy,worked and payed tax and National Insurance.

        Beware - tomorrow it could be you who is judged and the help won't be there. How would you survive? If you can no longer fully function, should society let you die?

      • MattMatt commented  · 

        chaging DLA is a cost cutting exercise and takes no acount on the reduction of quality of life for the disabled and seriously ill who barely have the same quality of life as the able bodied I personaly will be affected as my ESA claim was not correctly done and my MP had to interveen and get it corrected.
        the removal of any idependance is the last straw many people will have no quality of life left, and the ability to work removed I think many like myself will just call it a day and not try to be idependant, may as well will not have the help from DLA to do so, what is the option go into a home have some carers it will all cost much more, stupid and sick to change DLA to save a few pounds

      • david Wadedavid Wade commented  · 

        Essential for disabled people in this country

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