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The coalition "are considering" assessing children in their DLA shake up.

In the DLA reform white paper they are "considering" reassessing disabled children, as well as adults. Not only do they want to cut the benefits bill by chucking of disabled adults they want to do the same to children. They have also sneeked in an item on carers allowance "they are looking at it" ie going to means test or abolish. In this proposal you also have the right to "ask" for an appeal. Not saying you will get an appeal, but you have the right to ask for one. Picking on the disabled and vulnerable is discusting.

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    crazymumcrazymum shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Johnny ChattertonJohnny Chatterton responded  · 

    We’re looking into a technical problem with the suggest a campaigns system.

    Last night we merged this with another DLA campaign after being asked to by the people who had originally created the suggestions. This follows on from previous problems we had with merging campaigns.

    Unfortunately last night there was a problem with the system and when we merged the campaigns thousands of votes were removed from the total.

    I’m really sorry this happened. We’re looking into this and trying to sort it out.


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      • Phillip BaldwinPhillip Baldwin commented  · 

        I have severe arthritis of both knees, hips and lower back - I need new hips and have been trying to get at least one since I was 19, I am 50 now but I am still told by the NHS I am too young. I can only walk about 20 metres with two sticks and am constantly in pain. Without DLA I would be completely housebound, it pays for my car and helps maintain my disability scooter and other equipment I need. It goes towards the household bills which are mostly dearer for disabled people who have to spend more time at home. It also helps pay towards my rent as since this coalition government have been in power my housing benefit has been cut. All in this together, I don't think so Mr Cameron!

      • claire edwardsclaire edwards commented  · 

        I have fibromyalgia, ME, joint hypermobility, raynauds, i live in constant pain, day in day out, it never lets up...the chronic fatigue means i can hardly do anything without having to sleep for hours or days afterwards...my husband is my carer, not that he gets recognised for that. I am awaiting tribunal for DLA (4th claim) and i know, without doubt, that im entitled to it but its a fight every step of the damn way.. If DLA is taken away from people, most of whom already live on the poverty line, the suffering will be tremendous...we are talking about people who are to ill to either work or live normal lives, do we not suffer enough already without you making things worse for us??? Cost cutting is one thing, destroying people is another...shame on you!!!

      • Bill KruseBill Kruse commented  · 

        Sooner or pater people will start wondering why it is they are paying or have paid national insurance when the benefits due to them accordingly will obviously be denied them.

      • Stuart 'Stix' LuckStuart 'Stix' Luck commented  · 

        I suffer from Hypermobilty & EDS, suffering from repeated dislocations and constant pain, ive been on crutches since 2001,i have a converted car on the motability scheme.. my claim was due for renewal in Nov 2010, so i sent the forms back beinging of August, when Nov came & i still hadnt heard anyting i phoned the dwp & they claim they were never recieved so i sent another set of forms recorded delivery, it took them a month to confirm they had recieved them and they still havent given me a decision about my claim, i havent been paid since November im struggling finacially and terrified of losing my car. the government are punishing those that beed the help most....THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

      • Laura Jayne WalkerLaura Jayne Walker commented  · 

        If feels very sad to have to write something here to justify why my family needs DLA for my Disabled daughter especially as we live in a civilised society? Are they going to make us jump through firy hoops for everything that everyone else takes for granted?

      • LorraineLorraine commented  · 

        This is our right for this benefit to help make our lifes a little more easier.

      • CliveClive commented  · 

        I am a paraplegic, that means my spine is completely severed and I have no feeling at all below the waist. I use a wheelchair to get around and I get DLA to help pay for my car and with extra expenses that life in a chair brings.

        This newly proposed Personal Independence Payment means even I may be refused it as they class my wheelchair as a tool that makes my life normal...what a crock of ****!

        Without a car I would be stuck at home all day everyday as there is no public transport near me never mind any that I can actually get on to!

        This Government should be ashamed of what they are subjecting disabled people to. The stress and worry that we are all going through is tremendous anyway never mind having to think about what will happen if we lose our DLA. It would take away my independence and it would make my life utterly miserable.

        if they think my wheelchair is just another 'aid' then let them try sitting in one for a day...or a month...or a year...or the 26 years I have been in it and will never get out of it because science is no-where near finding a cure for Spinal Cord Injuries and even when they do it won't be for old breaks like me...it'll be for those poor new people...which is only right!

      • Natanya SquireNatanya Squire commented  · 

        Another disgusting attack on those more vulnerable.... let's not stand for it!

      • william kellwilliam kell commented  · 

        I have to agree with CaroleC. This unelected government has no inkling of the lives they are destroying. Nor do they care.

      • Barbara KellBarbara Kell commented  · 

        This is the most grossly unfair idea these millionaires have come up with yet. Make the rich boys pay their taxes and leave the vulnerable alone.

      • CaroleCCaroleC commented  · 

        What about those who have no hope of getting better...it's not just cancer that stays til death...there are many many illnesses and disabilities that go on for year after year with no cure or treatment. Those with Spinal Cord Injuries and those with HIV or ME/CFS to name a few. How will it make these people feel if they are forced to be assessed time and time again when they have no hope of a cure and won't be getting better any time soon! This new PEP benefit that they want to replace DLA with is ill thought out and just a way to force those people who truly need financial help because of the extra cost their disabilities place upon their lives into misery and poverty and in some case inevitable suicide!

      • C.SmithC.Smith commented  · 

        If this happens then it proves many in this country don't understand or care enough to prevent such a obvious need to those off us with disabilties,
        Some disabilities can't always been seen or the person with it will be seen mostly on their good days though try to hide much of how they feel as they've learnt that just like this present government they'll kick you when your down!
        I'm so holding out for the younger generation as the tough love approach passed down so far rather than empathy & understanding for humanity leaves the future generation looking back to us with disgust in the present greed & complete disregard for life & inability to act on fact rather than misinformation!

      • Titch MiltonTitch Milton commented  · 

        Taking away this benefit is tantamount to the start of social cleansing. People will die.

      • Charlie CovellCharlie Covell commented  · 

        "Justice will not be served until those who are unaffacted are as outraged as those who are." (Benjamin Franklin)

      • S TaylorS Taylor commented  · 

        Another attack on the poorest and weakest of society

      • Robert MooreRobert Moore commented  · 

        Yet another idelogical attack on the most vulnerable in our Society from the Coaltion who are only interested in protecting their friends in the City and the vested interests that they represent

      • RoseRose commented  · 

        I hope every one who objects to it also fills in the consultation document put forward by the DWP which closes on the 14th February.

      • paulapaula commented  · 

        Cost cuting my arse,getting people of benefits who are sick is just gonna cause more unemployment.Theres too many people not enough jobs !!
        Some People will turn to crime,if they havent got enough money to live on and cant get work,which will cost gov more money to house them in.jail.Im on sickness benefit and have to attend a assesment next Fri,theres no way anyone would want to employ me,ive mental health issues,ptsd,drink/drug problems.Would you employ me??

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