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The coalition "are considering" assessing children in their DLA shake up.

In the DLA reform white paper they are "considering" reassessing disabled children, as well as adults. Not only do they want to cut the benefits bill by chucking of disabled adults they want to do the same to children. They have also sneeked in an item on carers allowance "they are looking at it" ie going to means test or abolish. In this proposal you also have the right to "ask" for an appeal. Not saying you will get an appeal, but you have the right to ask for one. Picking on the disabled and vulnerable is discusting.

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    crazymumcrazymum shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Johnny ChattertonJohnny Chatterton responded  · 

    We’re looking into a technical problem with the suggest a campaigns system.

    Last night we merged this with another DLA campaign after being asked to by the people who had originally created the suggestions. This follows on from previous problems we had with merging campaigns.

    Unfortunately last night there was a problem with the system and when we merged the campaigns thousands of votes were removed from the total.

    I’m really sorry this happened. We’re looking into this and trying to sort it out.


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      • King FrogKing Frog commented  · 

        They shoot horses... don't they? But horses can't fight back... we can! (Dek)

      • LouiseLouise commented  · 

        Everyone else can ignore this for now, but one day they might have a disabilty and then what will they do? It isn't always "someone else's problem".

      • GeriGeri commented  · 

        Dignity for the disbled is the most basic of Human Rights!

      • fluffyfluffy commented  · 

        mass genocide anyone? are we all going to allow this to happen? Or can we all STAND UP AND BE COUNTED FOR A HUMANE SOCIETY.

      • King FrogKing Frog commented  · 

        DLA brings the most basic quality of life to those in need. Perhaps this government will eventually bring back the workhouse. People didn't "choose" to be in the workhouse and we don't choose to be disabled. Care, mobility and a little dignity is not too much to expect is it? Or would it be better for todays society to simply shoot it's wounded and be done with it!

      • Emma MEmma M commented  · 

        Having worked as a mental health social worker in some really deprived areas DLA is a lifeline to people in means the difference between existing and being able to have a life. for example if someone is hearing voices and gets very distressed around crowds - public transport is a real challenge to get out. This leads to social isolation which in turn worsens their mental health. Being able to have the money to get a taxi to places makes facilities that we take for granted to get to (libraries, sports centres, shops etc) more accessible

      • AestivaAestiva commented  · 

        An outrage, dehumanising!

        Big business who avoid tax and the banks should be accountable. The Big Society Bank is a token sum, whilst government cause stress, suffering indignity, isolation and worry to those who have a wide range of disabilities and people who have mental health difficulties amongst which there is a death toll!

        Severe M.E make me largely house bound, though I am more lucky than some, take away my transport, power wheel chair (which I have to maintain) and my care i would not want to go on any more.
        We did not cause this why penalise us?

        Thank you, to all who protest keep it up!

      • Nick HughesNick Hughes commented  · 

        This is:

        A/ NOT an out-of-work benefit!

        B/The means by which many disabled/ill people have a tolerable life, because they face barriers that healthy people don't.

        C/Nearly always, is the difference between eating, heating the home and paying the rent - or not!

        Take it away, and watch the tragedies begin; you know what I'm saying here......If you withdraw the 'lifeline', then people drown.

        It genuinely means life or death, to many.

      • Michele BrentonMichele Brenton commented  · 

        Husband & son used to be in reciept of DLA before we moved to live in Greece. Now we are back we cannot face applying for it again because the last time we were seriously depressed and traumatised by the process and it took a long time to get over that. This time we are back in the UK after losing our home in a fire and I am suffering from a stress related illness, as carer for both husband and son, I do not have the strength to go through the process right now. So although we desperately need the money we are in no position to claim it. I have no idea whether the new system would help this or make it worse - but really because people aren't claiming doesn't mean the money isn't needed or deserved - in our case it is just too hard. :(

      • Sheryl AmesburySheryl Amesbury commented  · 

        Read the comments, personal and general, its a "no brainer" - really!!

      • Chris WagstaffChris Wagstaff commented  · 

        Societies should be judged by how the care for their most vulnerable. DLA goes a long way to enable vulnerable people to have a decent standard of living.

      • Rachel StelmachRachel Stelmach commented  · 

        DLA means I can work and be a net contributor to society. Without it I'd be trying to eek out a living on whatever minimal benefits remain available.

      • hwarren2010hwarren2010 commented  · 

        we need dla if dla gets removed it will meen the death of many disabled people including myself. you should all be disgusted with yourselfs targetting the most vulnerbale of society despite your promises that disabled people wouldnt get hurt. the banks and tax avoidecne and mp's expenses can pay for the deficit. not our dla which we all rely on to live. life as a disabled person is hard enough without the extra stress and worry of having our income removed. WE NEED AND DESERVE DLA. KEEP DLA

      • Mandy LawrenceMandy Lawrence commented  · 

        Some of us are dependant on others to get out of our homes, and because of our illnesses cannot use public transport to travel far. DLA helps people like me to continue to be able to be included in social and therapeutic activities as well as being able to visit my father who is in a care home. Don't take this lifeline away

      • Jill GobleJill Goble commented  · 

        Stop this nasty bullying of the disabled. The rich bankers and billionaires can afford to pay. Disabled People will die without their DLA. Some already have died because of the benefit cuts. Stop this governments cuts that kill. Save DLA.

      • D Scott PD Scott P commented  · 

        Robbing the poor and giving to the rich, the same old shit, this has to opposed and stopped!!!

      • RobynRobyn commented  · 

        Disgraceful, you should all hang your heads in shame!!!

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