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The coalition "are considering" assessing children in their DLA shake up.

In the DLA reform white paper they are "considering" reassessing disabled children, as well as adults. Not only do they want to cut the benefits bill by chucking of disabled adults they want to do the same to children. They have also sneeked in an item on carers allowance "they are looking at it" ie going to means test or abolish. In this proposal you also have the right to "ask" for an appeal. Not saying you will get an appeal, but you have the right to ask for one. Picking on the disabled and vulnerable is discusting.

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    crazymumcrazymum shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Johnny ChattertonJohnny Chatterton responded  · 

    We’re looking into a technical problem with the suggest a campaigns system.

    Last night we merged this with another DLA campaign after being asked to by the people who had originally created the suggestions. This follows on from previous problems we had with merging campaigns.

    Unfortunately last night there was a problem with the system and when we merged the campaigns thousands of votes were removed from the total.

    I’m really sorry this happened. We’re looking into this and trying to sort it out.


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      • tonybtonyb commented  · 

        DLA gives people real independence. The money it gives them is theirs to spend. Under the proposed new "benefit" people will return to being cap in hand: you will spend it the way a social work manager (probably employed by a private company with his/her annual bonus to think about) or ATOS bully things you should spend it. Get ready to hold a cap in your hand or better follow the example of the Egyptians!

      • Daniela MartinsDaniela Martins commented  · 

        I voted 3 times. I don't know how to use up the following votes. Is this a daily vote thing?

      • Alison CrossAlison Cross commented  · 

        Professionally (as a former OT) I know the difference DLA can make to someone's life and now, sadly, I have personal experience.

      • ali nali n commented  · 

        Its a necessity to afford essentials like transport

      • King FrogKing Frog commented  · 

        DONT FORGET TO VOTE AS WELL AS LEAVING A COMMENT!!! Up to 3 votes can be given and will show on your comments.(Top left hand corner)

      • liblib commented  · 

        This government believes it can cure us overnight ...it`s a miricle (NOT)

      • King FrogKing Frog commented  · 

        The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
        Convention signature 30-3-2007
        Protocol signature 26-2-2009
        Convention ratification 8-6-2009
        Protocol ratification 7-8-2009
        Perhaps they only think this applies to other countries! (Dek)
        Check out http://www.un.org/disabilities/convention/news.shtml

      • SueSue commented  · 

        This worry is not helping any of us :(

      • joan mcparlandjoan mcparland commented  · 

        I will have great pleasure in cancelling my DLA and getting a job and a life again if I EVER get effective treatment or even someday a cure for M.E.

      • lizliz commented  · 

        it was so hard to get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Frances WardFrances Ward commented  · 

        The welfare state should not just be about making sure people survive, but that they have a reasonable quality of life and retain their dignity; DLA allows for this.

      • elaineelaine commented  · 

        i dont know how i would survive without dla

      • mistynowmistynow commented  · 

        Disability Living Allowance helps pays for the most basic essentials required to meet the needs of the disabled which are not required by the able.

      • jacejace commented  · 

        Being disabled is expensive. You can't shop around, you need mobility aids, there are treatments you have to pay for, help you have to pay for, that's why disabled people need more money to live like a human being. That's what DLA allows for, and that's all DLA allows for, enough to live like a human being.

      • RitaRita commented  · 

        The mark of a civilised society is the care it shows towards the weakest members!

      • Sarah LawrySarah Lawry commented  · 

        I regualrly get turned down for DLA and have to fight for reinstatement. I have never had the level of benefits that I am entitled to. This is common for folk with the neurological illness ME. It is inhumane to ask ill folk to fight for what is their entitlement and costly to go to appeal, review etc sometimes with the help of Legal Aid.

      • Denise BessantDenise Bessant commented  · 

        This benefit must not be stopped. It is a life line to many people who are disabled, it helps to pay for things that makes life a bit more bearable for those of us who are disabled

      • Anthony LeachAnthony Leach commented  · 

        My wife has DLA which she had to fight for now she worries daily about the call to be reassessed when she was told that she would not have to go through this again. She has this benifit because she needs it and deserves it she is not a criminal.

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