I suggest a campaign about ...

Stop government plans to remove the legal requirement for scientists to be on the Advisory...

...Council for the Misuse of Drugs. This is a brilliant oppertunity for 38 Degrees to show their support for Evidence Based Drug Policy over our current policy which is driven by lobbying from industries that stand to lose profits from Evidence Based Drug Policy (e.g. Pharmaceutical, Alcohol, Commercial nightclub chains, Entertainment ).

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    sam savage shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • ElectroPig Von Fökkengrüüven commented  · 

        It would be even better if scientific and medical evidence were given equal or greater consideration than propaganda, "party politics", corporate profits and government revenue generation.

        ALL governments, right down to the local city, town and villiage level should be adopting The Vienna Declaration (GOOGLE IT TODAY!) and this would cement FACTUAL EVIDENCE in leiu of wilfully ignorant and damaging policies created by beaurocrats who really haven't got the slightest hint of reality to base their policies on today.

        Today, there are completely unscientifically based, prohibitionary revenue models in place which rely on "deliberately massaged statistics", outright lies, and perversion of the truth, while the proponents of those "revenue schemes" refuse to even admit that the science against the current prohibitions exists.

        Savings in the billions would come from eliminating cannabis-related waste by police, court, and prisons. Subsidiary savings would eventually result from the rise in public health which would reduce health care costs, both in terms of a general rise in health, and as a reduction in sickness, unneccessary pharmaceutical and surgical costs as a direct result of more people using cannabis or cannabis-based medicines as non-toxic treatment for HUNDREDS of conditions.

        Add to this the vast majority of the current illicit and WHOLLY UNTAXED becoming a legitimate industry, and the businesses which would spring up to serve public demand would instantly be taxable under current sales and income tax statutes.

        Businesses need furniture, fixtures, equipment, utilites, tradesmen, supplies, stock, displays and more...the majority of this unneccessary in the current "tax free" underground market, but completely taxable when purchased...without a single line of new tax statutes required.

        As businesses ALWAYS need people, this will create jobs. Each person is "required to give their pound of flesh", and this also requires no new tax statutes.

        People who have an income also, strangely enough, tend to buy things. They'll buy important items like TV's and video games and cell phones and computers...and they'll waste their money on frivolous items like food, shelter, car repairs, home improvements...and all of that is completely taxable under existing tax statutes.

        Everyone who says "tax cannabis" is falling prey to what the government's tax departments want you to think...they want as much of your money to waste as they can possibly get, and they WILL HAVE IT eventually...so it's time to stop giving them more ideas, when we can already see they're already GUARANTEED a significant chunk in "new revenue" the second that the wilfully ignorant and damaging prohibitionary statutes are finally repealed.

        THEY KNOW IT. Why don't we?

        Overgrow The World!

      • Marcia Simpson-James commented  · 

        So we will see the onslaught of the big-business lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industries. This is the same thing that is happening in America, and look at them, at the mercy of every new economic kid on the block. These companies are already pumping drugs into urban areas through GP's. God help us when the contracts are handed out to these private individuals - aka GP's and the pharmaceutical companies really get their hands on patients. It will make the land grab in Africa look like childs play!

      • Gadgetex commented  · 

        This has been proposed at a time when everyone is distracted, and it will not get the attention it deserves unless a publically visible and intelligent campaign is launched against it. What good reason could there possibly be for not having scientists on the panel?

      • david storey commented  · 

        The government must abide by scientific advice.

      • tyler commented  · 

        the whole system is corrupt,end all prohbition now.
        police,lawyers,politicians etc are making large sums of money while ruining peoples lives it's a disgrace.......and it goes on and on,when will this madness stop? " with one stroke of the pen we could restore respect for the police by taking all private morals out of there control,the sex questions the drug questions the gambliing questions and consider them a public health problem instead" alan watts.. trying to control what people don't want controlled is madness....

      • Roland909 commented  · 

        Evidence-based policy must be the cornerstone of drug law.

      • dave wright commented  · 

        we need a fact based drug policy not a political one! thats one of the problems in the UK.

      • Miguel da Silva commented  · 

        Cannabis is a wonderfully versatile plant and has a proven track record of medicinal results over 1000's of years.
        To make all who use this plant into "addicts" is going to strengthen the criminal side of the cannabis trade and will do nothing to solve the problem. It will in fact worsen the current situation.
        Now that the European Union has declared that they will not impose restrictions on countries that wish to decriminalize or legalize cannabis why is the UK ConDem government still desperately hanging on to the Misuse of Drugs act?

      • Bhang Buddie commented  · 

        We know that there is NO concrete evidence nor proof to suggest that Cannabis should remain classified as a harmful inasmuch that it kills in the same way that heroin or alcohol do, so why does it remain illegal ?

      • Ed Benton commented  · 

        A blatant attempt to silence the truth and keep their self serving policies in place.

      • jw commented  · 

        this only shows how desperate they are to carry on with prohibition , like they need to keep their side of the deal ! despite the evidence ,im sick of these stupid idiots already , if only they was selected on their academic qualifications and fact and evidence was at the fore front of all law and order , its funny how religions also remove fact and evidence ! and cause wars

      • jw commented  · 

        only criminals will attemt to remove , hide , distroy , cover evidence and fact

      • Bud commented  · 

        This infringes on so many human rights taking away truth from the sick.

      • sergio montes commented  · 

        with this kind of... "policies"... we are heading back to the Dark Ages

      • dave guidon commented  · 

        you can not disregard the expert advice that these people give..it stinks and the people will NOT except this railroading of any obstacle that gives pay to the peoples beliefe.that the drug policy in this country needs urgent reveiw..and by people who really no what there saying.....your POLITICIONS just be unbiast in your decisions and give this once great nation the status that it desrves.. LEAD the world foward in this mindless worldwide war on drug users..we need sensible guidance not lobby led hypocricy, pleace give us what we need:::a government run by the people for the good of the people..
        yours faithfully::david christopher guidon.

      • CLong commented  · 

        Policy MUST be based on scientific evidence. Cultural and Social issues are a by product of the governments lack of understanding in how to correctly apply the MDA and make good use of the ACMD.

        Now all they want is a bunch of yes men who have no issue saying that alcohol is fine because most don't abuse...you obviously don't see it from where the rest of us sit who have to see and put up with it daily.
        Tobacco also being a killer, being a big tax money bonus for the government enjoys a blanket of protection even though it kills more than the vast majority of class A/B/C drugs in one day, than those can achieve in 1 year.

        Scientific advice is a requirement and Must NOT be excluded.

      • Peter Reynolds commented  · 

        This is a disgraceful move made to support a corrupt and dishonest policy. It reveals the complete lack of integrity in our government which consists only of arrogant scoundrels

      • John Ellis commented  · 

        madness back to the dark ages for drug policy

      • Suzy commented  · 

        Such a dangerous step. Really needs to be highlighted and needs to be stopped before it gets pushed through. Otherwise we risk government advisory boards made up of tobacco and alcohol company bosses (a la healthy food panels) rather than independent experts. It's criminal - we have to do something!

      • G Wilson commented  · 

        Absolutely against this

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