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Access rights in England

Rights to access the English countryside, including waterways, should more closely resemble those of Scotland. The land should be free for all to enjoy and use responsibly, it works in Scotland, it can work min England too.

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    Richard Openshaw shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Matt f commented  · 

        Canoeing and swimming are not crimes

      • david walton commented  · 

        Scotish water access rights should be mirrored in England and Wales.

      • Jon Brown commented  · 

        I believe that the recent research has proven there is and always has been a right to navigate rivers in England and Wales, you've only got to see how many rivers have historically been navigated by coracles for fishing to prove the case. I would however like a Government statement along the line of right to roam to inform 'landowners' whose land borders rivers of this. I'm fed up with abuse as I swim down a river (open water triathlon training)

      • Steve D commented  · 

        Public right of access for ALL users of the countryside for the UK

      • j g commented  · 

        Public right of access to rivers in all UK not just Scotland

      • Steve commented  · 

        Enjoyment for all

      • Dougoutcanoe commented  · 

        We need free access to our rivers and other waterways.

        The anglers and landowners are trying to deny access to our resources.

        Canoeing is a benign activity. We do nothing to harm the waterways and we take nothing from it.

      • Matt commented  · 

        Public right of access to rivers in England and Wales

      • Steve g commented  · 

        Public right of access to English & Welsh river should be confimed once and for all. Canoeists, kayakers ,wildwater swimmers etc should not have to run the gauntlet of getting abuse by fishermen and landowners when all they are doing is responsibly enjoying their hobby.

      • Andy Shan commented  · 

        A right to access inland waterways in England and Wales is a moral no-brainer and an economic winner. Think what we get from our coast, countryside and forests and then imagine what our rivers could be

      • Smudger commented  · 

        The appalling situation to access to inland waterways in England and Wales should be challenged on all fronts.

      • Bob Andrews commented  · 

        The continuing problems regarding access to inland waters rumbles on. Voluntary agreements have not and will not work - you only want one riparian owner to refuse access on his part of the river and the qwhole thing crumbles.

        We need the same access rights that exist in Scotland.

      • Janet Brown commented  · 

        Rivers should not be owned: everyone should have the right to paddle rivers responsibly.

      • Jonathan Wood commented  · 

        The public still has the right to navigate & enjoy many rivers in England and Wales. However riparian owners and groups with vested interests-particularly anglers,would rather tell you that you are doing something illegal. We have had enough abuse & disinformation. Set the record straight about access to our rivers.

      • Mark commented  · 

        England and Wales seem to be totally out of step with the rest of the world on the issue of access.

      • Christopher Marriott commented  · 

        Access is needed to the whole of the countryside, including rivers, to the whole of the population.

      • Andy Sparrow commented  · 

        A precious and unique part of outdoor UK is being denied to those who seek sustainable, low-impact and wholesome recreation.

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