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Stop EU legislation wiping out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicinal cultures

It's serious and it's imminent. After April 2011 lots of herbs from traditional cultures (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) will disappear unless we campaign hard. We have to stop EU legislation steam-rollering traditional medicinal cultures in Europe.

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    Sophie Middleton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Per Brüggemann commented  · 

        Yes to freedom of choice, No to corporate communism

      • Yvonne England commented  · 

        Traditional use of herbs, over thousands of years, is a bit like traditional use of foods over thousands of years!! You get to know a thing or two about what is effective, and for what!!!! There are many different constituents within foods and herbs, often in varying proportions, and they all act in synergy, and have multiple effects on the body. They just aren't the same as pharmaceutical drugs, so why are the EU treating them as such, and expecting to get square pegs into round holes???!!!!!?

      • tessa kirk commented  · 

        I believe in the right to choose....everything we need to support our life on this planet is given to us in a natural form....it is appalling that our health is governed by finance and greed from the pharmaceutical companies.

      • Eva commented  · 

        We have the right to CHOSE!

      • Shreya Shah commented  · 

        I run a natural health shop and we help people everyday choose appropriate remedies including herbs for conditions that their GP has had no joy treating. Only today we had a lady GP in, who has been on HRT for 2yrs, knowing the negative effects of the hormone drug. She asked which herbs would be good alternatives and we matched her symptoms with the appropriate herb. She regularly recommends red clover to her patients. Banning herbs will be devasting to the whole country's health and quash all new innovation. The world is watching how Europe polices these new laws so that they can be enforced worldwide.

      • Denise McGowan commented  · 

        The use of herbs & tinctures is essential and although they don't necessarily replace allothrophic medicine they should be used as a first choice. This way we would rely less on medicines that only treat the symptoms of illnesses. It would save the NHS a fortune!!

      • Ben Calder commented  · 

        This is the dominant form of health in 60% of the world, it would be a shame to let financial interests block tradition and freedom of choice

      • Morven Brown commented  · 

        We must protect our basic right to choose natural herbs at all costs! I would hate to live in a world where my only choice is pharmaceutical, and the wisdom of nature is lost of generations to come.

      • Jeffrey Green commented  · 

        When our elected officials become abusive of our personal rights then it's time to wrest power from those in power by any and all means necessary.

      • Iain McGillivray commented  · 

        Being able to choose how to maintain our health is one of the most fundamental human rights there is. If we allow the EU bureacrats to take away our right to health freedom then what freedom do we really have over anything? Their compliance to big pharma lobbyists only betrays how corrupt they are. We've already had the Lisbon Treaty (and all that entails) imposed upon us without a democratic mandate and now this. As far as I'm conerned the EU is nothing more than a corporatist dictatorship.

      • Eileen Conneely commented  · 

        We must prevent this from happening, it is a fundamental right of ours to continue having access to traditional herbal medicines and to have the freedom to choose them to treat and prevent ill-health. This is what the human race has been doing for thousands of years, long before the advent of pharmaceutical drugs, why change now? Nature holds the cure for most of our problems. More than ever, it is vitally important to work closely with the nature that surrounds us, after all our disconnection from nature is likely to be responsible for a lot of our modern ails.

      • Jan commented  · 

        I've read some of the recent comments and can only agree 110%! It is a complete shame the way things are, and more and more are becoming, with money ruling just about everything, with consequences like benefit all that is "poison", whilst banning natural healthy supplements used for thousands of years...!

      • Quentin commented  · 

        Big pharma would have us believe that a few thousand years of testing isn't enough. They would also have us believe that their pitiful couple of years testing is better and safer. They also forget that a goodly number of their drugs began life as syntheses from plant life.

        They would like a monopoly and they would like to control the peoples of the world - limiting our choices and freedoms. They want more money and power, nothing more.

        Down with big pharma.

      • Scott Jobson commented  · 

        Who comes up with such idiotic ideas in the first place? What is going on on this planet! Are these people completely nuts or what!!! Seems our politicians are useless again, it is time to start getting much more involved at an earlier opportunity. Having to vote at an imminent time doesn't sound good.

      • Margaret White commented  · 

        I object to our rights being taken from us - just to suit certain large pharmaceutical companies/large business.

        Herbal products have been available for many years - and people have made their own decisions on which ones suit them.

        I protest most strongly that to suit certain big interests, we are having our rights taken away to choose what we want to medicate for ourselves.
        How dare they do this.

        Many of the prescribed drugs are known to have serious side effects and yet the pharmaceutical companies do not deny their use.

        No, no, no to this further infringement of our rights.

        Margaret White.

      • David commented  · 

        This has nothing to do with efficacy or effectiveness but everything to do with special interest groups and lobbyists on a twisted agenda for the beast that is the pharmaceutical industry.

      • Tessa Burgess commented  · 

        The reason there is no scientific proof for many of these remedies is that there is no funding to pay for it all to be done as there is very little profit margin. Pharmaceutical companies want herbal remedies out of the market place, but that does not mean they are ineffective.

      • roy snelling commented  · 

        Allopathic medicines are more dangerous than herbal medicines. Is the E.U. or the U.K. Government prepared to take on the big multi-national pharmacutical companies? There should be open scientific research into the efficay of all medicines, herbal and allopathic. This research should NOT recieve funding from pharmacutical companies.

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