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Stop EU legislation wiping out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicinal cultures

It's serious and it's imminent. After April 2011 lots of herbs from traditional cultures (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) will disappear unless we campaign hard. We have to stop EU legislation steam-rollering traditional medicinal cultures in Europe.

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    Sophie Middleton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Jenny Reynolds commented  · 

        This piece of legislation is a travesty of justice- small companies can not aford the extortionate cost in regitering products - every company has to register every herb even if it has been proven safe and regitered by other companies - this is outragious

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We must fight for our freedom of choice!

      • patricia smith commented  · 

        I have always kept my health through alternative medicine why should i be deprived of my health and well being now? We all know big pharma has harmed more people than it cures so i will NEVER take their drugs. Why should I or anyone-else be forced into being bullied by the dark forces and their ridiculous senseless codex.It has taken thousands of years to learn the healing powers of plants and there is still more to learn, nature has much more to give us yet. Only a mad man would want to destroy precious knowledge which may one day be needed to save all of humanity.

      • Robert Butterworth commented  · 

        Freedom is a hard won thing. Unfortunately in 2011 our freedom is being curtailed and eroded by large corporations in particular the Pharmceutical Industry by buying politicians and using undue pressure to ensure they have a complete monopoly over the worlds health. The sicker you get the more money they make. Self help loses them money. We should all have the unfettered right to treat our own bodies using whatsoever means at our disposal be that drugs or herbs.

      • Barbara Yorks commented  · 

        People need to wake up and to take back their freedom of choice. Especially when it comes to their health. God created herbs & leaves for healing. Big Pharma does not want people well but addicted to their drugs. How else do they make money. Not by people being well. Time for a big revolution.

      • Wahid Din commented  · 

        Stop EU legislation that will prevent conusmers from making their own choice to buy products that have been used safely for hundreds of years.

      • Holmoak commented  · 

        Really important that this stupid legislation is stopped! Also say No to the state regulation of herbalists www.saveourherbs.org.uk and changes to sch 12(1) 1968 Medicines Act , herbalists will then still be able to access traditional herbal medicines, make their own mixes.

      • Pat Thoume commented  · 

        13 years ago I used several Vitamin C infusions to try and beat full blown ovarian cancer, and guess what, it worked. now cured. back to normal.
        Read the paperback book called "Skewed" by Martin J Walker.
        Then you will understand why!!

      • hellaD commented  · 

        It is insane to have so little respect for these ancient medicinal systems that have taken thousands of years to develop.

      • Dariush Naghavi commented  · 

        The 'mainstream' view today, promoted by people like Richard Dawkins, and Ben Goldacre (see "Bad Science" and his attacks on Homeopathy), is that there is no "soul" in anything, no "vital force", no such thing as holistic or energetic healing, no such thing as the medicinal quality of a herb or herbs arising from the whole than the sum of its parts. No, the view is that herbs are no more than the chemicals they are made of and no sense at all, let alone belief that the herbs are anything more than untested chemicals! Such a dead, sterile, meaningless and soulless way of looking at and being in the world. I hope this foolish legislation based in scientific irrationalism and scientific superstition will be defeated. It must be defeated.

      • Rachel Chevalier commented  · 

        The government is obliged to protect individuals not corporations

      • Laurence de Bure commented  · 

        please let the people have the choice of their way of healing.This is a basic human right.

      • Dave Fung commented  · 

        This is profit driven madness and must stop

      • t.riecke commented  · 

        let me choose what is good and bad for me , I know that better than pharma industry !!!

      • Chevalier commented  · 

        Lets stop these fascists methods
        we want to decide ourself what is good for us, not bureaucrats sold to the bif
        agro-pharmaceutical mafia

      • Carine Chapron commented  · 

        This is unbelievable, dramatical and criminal. We must stop it.

      • rangiwicked commented  · 

        Stop the PoisonPirates lobby
        Stand up for the right to heal with the fruits of Mother Nature
        Protect our Plants and the healing potential and knowledge there within .

      • Anna Pihlgren commented  · 

        We have to stop this insane law that clearly shows lack of understanding how traditional herbal medicine works. Modern western medicine is very strong and not in tuned with mother nature and should only be used in rare cases. Effective traditional herbal medicine should always be the first option (before chemical aggressive medicine) to clear an unbalance in the human.

      • Belinda Boulton commented  · 

        I'm very angry this is happening. In fact it has happened, it's just that the legislation is rolling out in April. I hope we can get it undone. Not just the herbs will go, but the advice too. And then the information, the knowledge. I do hope someone is saving it all?

      • Louise Trethewey commented  · 

        This is unbelievable. I use natural medicines on a weekly basis, i wouldn't want to know what my condition would be like without them.

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