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Stop EU legislation wiping out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicinal cultures

It's serious and it's imminent. After April 2011 lots of herbs from traditional cultures (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) will disappear unless we campaign hard. We have to stop EU legislation steam-rollering traditional medicinal cultures in Europe.

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    Sophie Middleton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • tom ellis commented  · 

        Why must we destroy our past in order to create our future? It's crazy and unnecessary...... unless pharmaceuticals want to destroy the competition, and
        prisons don't have enough inmates in them already.

      • George pinnell commented  · 

        How ridiculous that tried and trusted remedies are likely to be denied to us. Supporters may also wish to see http://www.savenaturalhealth.eu/ and sign their petition. Yet our own government allows deliberate contamination of our drinking water, by way of fluoridation schemes. This imposes a toxic waste product on over 5 million people in England, with no medical products licence, without consent and often without our knowledge! See http://38degrees.uservoice.com/forums/78585-campaign-suggestions/suggestions/1156301-stop-adding-flouride-to-our-water-supplies-flouri?ref=title

      • Conor commented  · 

        The pharmaceuticals are the most corrupt in the world no doubht,Choosing to keep medicine at a premium instead of helping people. I assume the Rupert Murdochs of this world are just as happy to support this and not bring it to peoples attention in the same was as they do over the nuclear supporters
        Scumbags the lot of you

      • Yianni Violaris commented  · 

        I oppose this new EU directive. To regulate natural plant medicines in such a way is an abuse of our human rights and an attack on Mother Earth. This is one of the most blatant moves by Big Pharma to hijack the alternative medicine market and crash the plane. I'm astounded by their audacity.

      • Racquel commented  · 

        Screw you fuckers! Trying to make us into slaves to the government and medicine that will kill us rather than help us! They want us to be on 100 pills a day by the end of our lives and who's benefiting from that other than greedy pharmacieutical companies? This must be stopped!

      • Katie Lloyd commented  · 

        Outrageous, this really has to be stopped.

      • Amanda commented  · 

        We have always enjoyed a healthy life style using natural medicine and good nutritional choices. I resent being told that I cannot live my life as I choose. I will not be subservient to this facism.

      • Dr.Nyra Hirschenberg commented  · 

        I am an m.d.
        scool medicin aided by multy billion farmaceutic companies are killing millions of folks over the globe--those companies greed is insatiable.

      • bee commented  · 

        hope its not too late or that we get great at growing n stuff..

      • Peter Smith commented  · 

        Ha ha. Go ahead fools. Impose your senseless bans. Dictate to us our choices. Fuel the revolution.

      • Sheena commented  · 

        Natural is best!

      • Suzette commented  · 

        choice - its about choice

      • Sybilla commented  · 

        It is my right to choose whether to use herbal medicines and far preferable to the phamaceutical route where the medicines really do have serious and damaging side effects.

      • sarah commented  · 

        I can see no rhyme or reason for this, expect that is allows pharmaceutical company's to take the monopoly in health care.

      • Sue Whitney commented  · 

        I choose to use complementary medicine, that is my choice, and it is abusing my right as a human being to deprive me of that choice.

      • Damian Fearns commented  · 

        I personally recommend the use of herbal and chinese medicine over and above its chemical alliopathic counterpart due to personal experience of healing.

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