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Stop EU legislation wiping out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicinal cultures

It's serious and it's imminent. After April 2011 lots of herbs from traditional cultures (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) will disappear unless we campaign hard. We have to stop EU legislation steam-rollering traditional medicinal cultures in Europe.

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    Sophie Middleton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Joy commented  · 

        I have had huge health benefits from herbals etc..

        please please please do NOT take away our right to be responsible about our own health !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Marion commented  · 

        I really appeal to the powers that be to not take more of our rights away
        by altering the distribution of our natural herbs and potions. I have always used vitamins and herbs for all my health needs and so far have managed to avoid taking stythetic conventional drugs with the exception of a few times. I am generally well, with some 72 year old complaints which are to be expected. I am totally opposed this intended legistation. The natural way is the real way.

      • judy peters commented  · 

        There is so much good done for people's health with these herbals. I, myself have kept off blood pressure drugs through Ayurveda herbals and there are thousands of others with the same results. Why is it that pharmaceutical drugs that can kill are allowed when these herbals are harmless?

      • stacey vermaak commented  · 

        We live in a democracy & we have a right to choose a natural/herbal remedy if we so choose!

      • Earedien commented  · 

        I am Pagan and a herbalist.
        Working with different natural meds is a way of life for me. How dare they try to take this right away from me and all the other people who practice this way of life.
        This would be a case of human rights, but no... unless were crinimals or not from this country we don't have any rights.

        How dare they take this right away from me.

        I am ashamed of this goverment, get out of the EU..... NOW

      • Rhiannon commented  · 

        If this Govt could put a tax on medicinal herbs, like they do with tobacco and alcohol, they would not ban them... far from it they would encourage us to use them.

      • warden smith commented  · 

        this is crazy, we must not alow this to go thru...

      • David Argile commented  · 

        We must not allow this legislation to be enforced in the UK

      • David Harrison commented  · 

        Tobacco is legal, but medicinal herbs will be illegal? We must not allow this legislation to be enforced in this country.

      • Jess commented  · 

        This absolutely ridiculous!! Yet another way of preventing us remembering how our ancestors lived. We need to be encouraging everyone especially our children to grow herbs on our window sills, in tubs and in beds in our gardens. We can grow all sorts of natural medicines for ourselves and learn all about their healing qualities and kitchen cures.

      • Mary commented  · 

        Where will all of this stop? I have benefited from using herbal medicines in my life, why am I not allowed to continue to make my own choices on what I am allowed to help me. Is this not an infringement of my human rights?

      • Duncan commented  · 

        We should have the right to use herbs if we want to and not have people living our lives for us.

      • Duncan commented  · 

        We have to make this protest heard because whether you feel strongly about herbs or not this is another instance of a fundamental attack on our liberty to choose how we live our lives

      • Hannah commented  · 

        we should have the right to choose!

      • Willow commented  · 

        Because herbs work 'they' want to get of them!...but 'they' wont! xx

      • Sarah Clements commented  · 

        What, will there be burning at the stake next?????

      • Katrina Peachey commented  · 

        It's commercialism at it's finest right here! Take away the herbal supplements and we have to pay through the teeth for pharmaceutical products 'based on' the original plant! Hell no!

      • sally commented  · 

        I am told that I live in a 'democracy' therefore I should have the right to choose what I put in my body surely! Our liberties are being eroded one by one - I demand the right to make my own choices with regards to health, medicines and foods. Stop this ridiculous legislation that removes our right to choose.

      • Andrea commented  · 

        My health wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for supplements and homeopathy. It's not for everyone but isn't that the point of a democracy? By removing these benefits we are having our democratic human rights removed along with them. Pharmacology was born from apothecary by using herbs so why on earth are they now wanting to remove them? Please run this campaign, it is vital to have access to natural health supplements, herbs and homeopathy. We all wanted to save our forests to protect them and our rights to enjoy nature. This too is about protecting our health, nature and our choice to take responsibility for it.

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