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Stop EU legislation wiping out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicinal cultures

It's serious and it's imminent. After April 2011 lots of herbs from traditional cultures (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) will disappear unless we campaign hard. We have to stop EU legislation steam-rollering traditional medicinal cultures in Europe.

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    Sophie Middleton shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Mandy commented  · 

        Our rights are being eroded., slowly but surely.............this is big pharmaceutical companies bringing pressure to bear. why are we not being asked about this........

      • Rosemary Ryan commented  · 

        I strongly object to leislation that diminishes our ability to access and use certain vitamins, herbs and natural medicines. No doubt the drug companies have an influence on this legislation. This is a democracy isn't it ? Why can't there be a vote or public debate on the matter?

      • Rosanna Price commented  · 

        I strongly object to legislation that stops me being able to choose the way in which I look after my health.

      • Juliette Copeman commented  · 

        The proposed legislation further erodes our ability to make properly informed choices in relation to health care. As such it should be vehemently opposed.

      • J Ward commented  · 

        Just because there is no "scientific" evidence such as is required for drugs, doesn't mean that benefits are not true. There will never be the same level of research but people die for the lack of vitamin C. It is my choice how I look after my health and I object to having my choice taken away.

      • Eve Swanson commented  · 

        As a nutritionist, I can say how vital it is to be able to prescribe high dose of some vitamins and minerals, and because of this have witnessed the success in turnaround of clients' ill health to feeling well again. I therefore believe the threat to withdrawal of some herbs and reduction in upper dose levels of others to be not only a disgrace but a total erosion of our freedom of rights.

        Where is this push coming from I wonder? The pharmaceutical companies?

      • Anita Costello commented  · 

        I do not agree with the current proposals to wipe out ancient and effective traditional herbal medicanal cultures.

        Anita Costello

      • Laura joyce commented  · 

        Nature heals, every plant has its place in the circle of life, without them we would not be in existance, how can you discriminate between them. I am studying Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbs and supplements will be my livelyhood along with the other millions of people over the world who practice with natural resourses. Will the government be responsible for substituting income and livelyhood because of these restrictions? why are these restictions so important when there are millions dying of substance missuse, allopathic drug overdosses etc etc. This is unethical and breading a codependant state, turning humanity into sheep, where we no longer have the ability to decide for ouselves. It is a sad state of affairs.

      • carol mcguirk commented  · 

        the old ways are our future and our future familys way of healing ,i wont stop passing on herbal cures i was brought up on them , i have started to add to my collection and will continue to do so to pass the knowlage on xxx)O(xxx

      • Veronica Devereux commented  · 

        We have invested so much in helping people to be responsible for their own health, don't undo all that good work now. The knowledge gathered over centuries will be lost.

      • John & Roberta Martin commented  · 

        The body was not made for drugs and that is all that is going to be left if this process of eliminating plants from our diets continues. Drugs are more for the wealth of the contolling few than for health of the many. We want to be able to choose how we stay well in this nutritionally reduced industrialised culture. No wonder Quality of Life is actually being rfeduced.

      • Emma Goodman commented  · 

        We must have freedom to think and choose - that's why we live in a 'democracy'.

      • zac cox commented  · 

        democracy ??!!! .....I don't think so !!!
        When Cameron goes to Egypt not with freedom in mind but with arms dealers ....when they can even consider selling our forests......when they can pump poisonous fluoride into our water with 72% voting against it.....when they continue to ignore the research showing quite clearly that mobile phones cause cancer .....when they give trillions to the banks and make the whole world suffer as a result whilst the bankers continue to get hugh bonuses.....and when they can invade a country illegally ......and now they wish to push up the profits of the Pharmaceutical boys by banning naural substances with very very few side effects ....whilst properly prescibed drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people EVERY year .....democracy ??!!.......I don't think so !!

      • denis white commented  · 

        This whole affair is a conspiracy to make more of the population unwell!

        Why? Because big pharma cannot profit from natural 'unpatentable' products provided by our creator to keep us healthy and balanced!

        This imminent legislation is without doubt the most serious onslaught on our health and well-being in modern history and must be resisted at all costs!

        It is the most insidious attack on our freedom of choice and an even greater suspension of our human rights!

      • adrian mieras commented  · 

        ancient tried & tested medicines used for milenia?
        ... or profit driven, poorly tested, commercial chemicals,
        that, after less than a century, are FAILING to cure much at all????
        ...but are slowly (?) anaesthetising the resistance on humanity to EVERYTHING
        The choice is obvious!!!!

      • Pat Thoume commented  · 

        Myself and all my family have been using herbal medicines for a good many years with no side effects, and have found them to be of great beneficial help. Especially my daughter who suffered ovarian cancer in 1998 using vitamin C infusions, ( now cured). We have saved our lives using this type of medicine. We want the right to choose what we put into our bodies, regardless of the price. One cannot put a price on good health.
        After several cock ups with pharmaceutical medicine etc, we are now well and very healthy.

      • Judy Hayman commented  · 

        How many people die or are harmed by taking herbal medicines in comparison to the number harmed by taking pharmaceutical drugs?

      • Sally Logan commented  · 

        Stop this nonsense, we are fed up with being told by the EU how to live our lives. The sooner we get control back in the UK the better.

      • Jenny commented  · 

        My family has used supplements for many years and found them to be very beneficial (other wise we wouldn't use them!) I feel angry that my choice would be taken away and the thought of only chemical medication with all the side effects which they say on the directions can and DO occur in many cases is beyond belief.(Many of the side effects being worse than the original condition!) As a registered nurse for many years, nursing in England and abroad I have seen the advantages of many kinds of supplements. PLEASE let us have the choice.

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