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European Union Referendum

Despite promises from the 3 major political parties the people of this country have never been given a fair vote with regard to our position within the European Union. Polls on the subject show that about 80% of the population want a free trade agreement but no interference with our domestic politics. It is time for a proper democratic descision to be made.

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    Mark Lancaster shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We need a referendum now on our involvement with the European Union. We are being ruled by Brussels and puppet Cameron is selling this country and all we've fought and died for to them. The tide is turning though and we have a Champion in Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP .See how he supports his country against the people who want to drag us down. Watch him on U Tube and see him in action.

      • carole darley commented  · 

        Canada the largest country in the world has 34 million residents
        England a small island country has 64 million residents
        December 2013 the gates will open to 40 million more Eastern Europeans.
        Get us Out of the EU and close our gates
        Evict all the criminal element of europeans.
        Let us get our Country back and jobs back for the English.
        Cameron promised a referendum after this election and is not going to give us one
        Now he promises one after the next election.
        Do not fall for that once a liar always a liar. Vote UKIP who are going to take us out of the EU
        Watch Nigel Farage UKIP leader facing the EU unelected leaders who lead the UK by the nose
        and David Cameron lets them. Disgraceful. We voted him in and we will vote him OUT

      • Anonymous commented  · 


      • Ashby commented  · 

        Do you not think it Ironic that Great Britain needs the House of Lords, The Houses of Parliament, Stormont, the Welsh Assembly, The Scottish Parliament and The European Parliament to run this gigantic empire - Or is it just JOBS FOR THE BOYS - Yes I am all for unhinging the European grip and get back to decision for GB being decided by A Central Parliament

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Have a look at the Daily Mail article, Tuesday January 1 2013 headlined 'Monumental Deceit', which relates to the inception of the Common Market. Yet again we discover that politicians have betrayed the British people. I have not named a particular party, as they have all been party to the secret activities to strip us of our sovereignty, destroy our way of life and subjugate us within a Europe that has never approved of us. We may well ask exactly why World War 2 was fought? What happened to democracy? Why do successive Governments act as dictators once elected? We need to quit the EU asap. The referendum question should be Europe: In or out?

      • Goflyfalco commented  · 

        I cannot believe that "Save our Lollipop Ladies" collects more votes than this issue of fundamental freedom and democracy. Come on people! Get your priorities right and vote for this campaign. Mind you, when Johhny Chatterton thinks capping the Housing Benifit is a "Good idea", I suspect that we're not going to get very far.

      • Tim Hugill commented  · 

        Latest EU Disgrace -


        The European Commission has threatened legal action against the UK, saying a test of eligibility for benefits discriminates against foreigners.
        The commission said this breached EU law and gave the UK two months to say how it would bring its rules into line.

      • steve commented  · 

        We need more votes. Come on people. Democracy is at stake.

      • steve commented  · 

        We need more votes. Come on people. Democracy is at stake.

      • Gavin Russell commented  · 

        I'd march tomorrow to make the point. We comply - other countries sensibly don't. We give away our assets while others mop them up, gladly. We have a National Government expenses scandal but no move to end the one in the EU. Now they want to Federalise our finances to support the free riders. I'm with 'Fedup' - is it apathy or a fix. What could possibly be more important, a referendum or badgers?!

      • Keith Cowieson commented  · 

        EU budget to increase by ~6% if they have their way - No! No! No! - Referendum now please.

      • Sara commented  · 

        The EU is an undemocratic organisation over which we are powerless. It is run by corporate vested interests.

      • Kaviraj commented  · 

        Right. We need no stinking Corporations to make the laws.

      • fedup! commented  · 

        Spuddie I totally agree. I am starting to wonder if this site isn't a 'fix'. Pick on the little things to have us write to our MP about and that will stop us fighting the big stuff. If we got out of Europe a lot of the issues would go away! How has this got such low priority on a site like this!

      • Spuddie commented  · 

        The most important thing to do first is to get out of Europe.

      • Paula Sabine commented  · 

        It is disgraceful that the only referendum allowed to the UK population was about joining for trade purposes only.

        It is disappointing that there are only 46 votes.

        Suggest that we all email friends and colleagues and ask them to vote to get the campaign taken up.

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Should we consolidate our votes to make them count and pick a campaign that best suits the "No Confidence/ General election vote?" I personally feel no confidence says it all and should then lead to a general election.

      • John Edwards commented  · 

        How can the EU who has not published accounts for some 15/16 years be accountable?

        How come Bulguria can offer 500,000 passports to non EU residents that would be eligible for benefits?

        There are 48 million reasons leaving this country every day why we should have an oppertunity to vote no to EU membership. Some of those reasons, come out of your pocket or purse.

        Doctors and nurses from EU countries who come to work here, do not need to be able to speak English. To say that they need this skill in a job discription, is not permitted uner EU law.

        I could go on with many more reasons that our politicians choose to ignore.
        Its time to ask your MP to support a referundum.

      • Andrew commented  · 

        The country has NEVER voted for political intergration and only a small margin voted for the Common Market. It's time we had our say!!!!!!

      • gloria commented  · 

        WHEN are we going to have our referendum??

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