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Media Bias

I would like a campaign on media bias due to the misrepresentation of the Scottish Government.
The BBC and all the Newspapers are reporting lies about the Scottish Government.
They are also, not reporting serious fraud and expence fiddling in the Labour party. They are trying to guarantee that Scotland will not be allowed a vote on independence. The BBC allowed the Scottish Government to be abused on a radio programme, where Baroness Deech said that the little pretendy Parliament can run off and be independent as we English are fed up supporting the benefit scroungers in Scotland.
If you wish I could send you countless documents and also a recorded copy of the programme in question.
To save time I would suggest that you visit a news site called newsnetscotland you will find everything you nedd there. I urge you to look at this as it is a serious breach of the Scottish human rights, who have been contacted.
I think it is serious as it could happen in any country in the UK.

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    michael loftusmichael loftus shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  Johnny ChattertonJohnny Chatterton responded  · 

    Hello everyone. We have seen this campaign idea growing on the suggestions page, and we’re thinking about what the next steps should be at the moment. Please do keep on sharing any of your ideas or comments below.


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      • ScottScott commented  · 

        Democracy in the UK is run by the media, unfortunately due to the BBC and Scotland's unnaturally biased newspapers Scotland is deprived of serious debate! If the BBC doesn't change they may one day find that they are no longer wanted in Scotland altogether!

      • RossRoss commented  · 

        Broadcasting powers should definitely be devolved. It doesn't make democratic sense for Westminster to hold on to these powers. That said, not does make democratic sense at the moment for Scotland. Controlled by a government we didn't vote for. Thanks Labour, 'a vote for us will keep the tories out.' - seems to me they did everything they could to make sure they were not in government!

      • Anthony CollinsAnthony Collins commented  · 

        where was the coverage of the world renowned economist Hughes-Hallett in his support of the fact that Scotland is subsidising the rest of the UK?
        Also disgraceful on last night's newsnight was the editing of a clip of Jospeh Stiglitz's endorsement of Scottish govt. desire to establish an oil fund- the BBC completely erased any sign of the SNP from the 'story'!!!!!

        Would be happy to stop paying my TV licence and justify my actions in court.

      • MalcolmMalcolm commented  · 

        Agreed. The BBC should not be allowed to try to change opinion in Scotland, it should be there to reflect the opinion of Scotland. By mis-representing the SNP, the Scottish Government, they are in my view not worthy of any funding here. I wish we had a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation controlled by the Scottish Government.

      • Robert LouisRobert Louis commented  · 

        I agree wholeheartedly with this. BBC Scotland has shown itself over the last three years to be extremely politically biased in Scotland. I genuinely believe many in England/Europe will be unaware of how biased the reporting of political events in Scotland has become.

        This is not a matter of whether or not you agree with, or even like, the SNP.
        That is irrelevant. This is about true democracy and a state funded broadcaster wilfully and consistenly showing clear obvious political bias in favour of one political party, Labour, in Scotland.

        What happens is this; if the Labour party in Scotland contradict themselves or get caught in fraud or corruption (and they really, really have a lot), or anything bad, then there is little or no coverage by the BBC - it is like a media blackout. Meanwhile the SNP in Scotland are rigorously attacked by the BBC Scotland journalists with misleading questions, deliberate misrepresentation of facts, discussing the SNP with Labour in a studio, with nobody from the SNP invited to defend their record, and so on. The list is endless.

        All political parties need to be scrutinised by broadcasters, including the SNP, but right now in Scotland Labour are exempt. Their leadership regularly contradict themselves, and say things which are just NOT TRUE - and were this to happen in London it would be torn apart by journalists, but up here in Scotland it is just ignored. Like it hasn't happened.

        It has become very, very obvious. The BBC in Scotland are now known as pravda.

      • jjjryoungjjjryoung commented  · 

        Scotland is badly served politically by BBC Scotland The few relevant programmes are inevitably slanted against the Scottish Government,much of what is going on is totally ignored, regardless of its importance to the people of Scotland to enable them to make informed choices.Far too many of the presenters have links to the Labour party in Scotland

      • Simon FletcherSimon Fletcher commented  · 

        I have also stopped wactching BBC Scotland due to the shocking levels of anti SNP bias. I like others have also complained through all the proper channels to no avail, the bog standard reply is trotted out with them exonorating themselves from any blame whatsoever. Unbelievable that we are forced to pay for this when the democratically elected SNP Scottish Government are our legitimate Government and are the biggest party in Scotland, they are ignoring tens of thousands of voters views.

        They are trying to distort, mis inform and supress people and go to extreme lengths to show their anti Independence and anti Scottish credentials. Their blatant enforcement of all things Labour party is an affront to democracy. They are a public service broacaster paid by us and are meant to be impartial but they come over like the Labour Party broadcasting Association. The only difference between the BBC and Pravda is that at least with Pravda the Old Soviet bloc wasnt forced to pay for the propaganda used against them. Something has got to give.

      • ron murrayron murray commented  · 

        The pro labour conduct of bbc scotland journalists and producers is appalling. I watched Jo swinson recently on newsnight scotland up against Jim Murphy where she was run down by the producer who showed shots of jim murphy shaking his head as Jo responded to gordon brewers questions. This was biased production in favour of Labour and should be eradicated. If this is endemic why are we paying licence fees?

      • Craig EvansCraig Evans commented  · 

        I agree with the issues over the media boais within Scotland and generally throughout the UK with the BBC seeming to regard the rest of the UK as part of England if they can even be bothered to state that there are differences.

        In Scotland it particularly acute due to the nature of the political set up and the bias against the current SNP government. It seems a little less so in Wales.

      • Tom HastingsTom Hastings commented  · 

        The BBC has the reputation world wide for being an impartial reporter of the news. This is not the case in Scotland where a distinctly anti-Scottish bias, especially in regard to the Scottish National Party, is evident.

        I'm sure that there are are people reading this and thinking it's a bunch of whineging, separatist Jocks. But no. If my countrymen and women go to the ballot and a majority vote differently to me that all is well and good, that's democracy. However if they vote differently because they have been influenced by bias from a state-funded broadcaster...well that's Pravda, it's North Korea, it's certainly not British but it is what is happening in Scotland today.

      • jorgejorge commented  · 

        This is urgent. Intentionally partial coverage is stifling political debate.

      • Mr Joseph GibsonMr Joseph Gibson commented  · 

        The Scottish Media without exception avoid any information that would be of benifit to the Scottish electorate when the Scottish Nationalist party is deemed to be heading the right direction IE: anything that would benifit the Scottish people information wise is never published except in the negative.

      • KintoreloonKintoreloon commented  · 

        Hardly watch BBC Scotland news because of the anti Scottish Government bias.

      • barontorcbarontorc commented  · 

        The BBC should be the honest broker in providing balanced opinion to the British population, but it certainly does not do so, in terms of reporting political issues in Scotland and to intensify this affront to their own code of practice, all complaints are handled in a very off-hand manner. The BBC shows overt partiality for Labour in Scotland and goes to clearly ridiculous lengths to minimize information and news or comment by the SNP government.

      • Helena BrownHelena Brown commented  · 

        Very fed up with the BBC and their version of the News. Time to have it looked at. No fairness, Labour Party in Scotland Party Political Broadcasts.

      • Euan BennetEuan Bennet commented  · 

        Some of the bias seen in the BBC in Scotland is truly unbelievable. Their "reporting" consists little but Labour party propaganda, and any positive news story about Scotland or the Scottish government is either ignored or ridiculed. It's sad to see a once great and trusted broadcaster sink to such depths, they can't be allowed to continue like this.

      • David WilsonDavid Wilson commented  · 

        I agree, BBC pro unionist bias in scotland is stopping debate. We here no ones opinion, but that of the Labour party.

      • June KnightJune Knight commented  · 

        Can we make this a general complaint and campaign against BBC and all media. It is really biased and misrepresenting according to what bias the newspaper owners have. WE need information and intelligence not comment and couched political bias and propoganda. Never a proper fact and information and intelligent analysis ever. Just pure comment and pig ignorant bias. If the newspapers and TV news is there to inform then we are all kept ignorant and fed sugared bullshit,

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