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Media Bias

I would like a campaign on media bias due to the misrepresentation of the Scottish Government.
The BBC and all the Newspapers are reporting lies about the Scottish Government.
They are also, not reporting serious fraud and expence fiddling in the Labour party. They are trying to guarantee that Scotland will not be allowed a vote on independence. The BBC allowed the Scottish Government to be abused on a radio programme, where Baroness Deech said that the little pretendy Parliament can run off and be independent as we English are fed up supporting the benefit scroungers in Scotland.
If you wish I could send you countless documents and also a recorded copy of the programme in question.
To save time I would suggest that you visit a news site called newsnetscotland you will find everything you nedd there. I urge you to look at this as it is a serious breach of the Scottish human rights, who have been contacted.
I think it is serious as it could happen in any country in the UK.

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    michael loftus shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    under review  ·  Johnny Chatterton responded  · 

    Hello everyone. We have seen this campaign idea growing on the suggestions page, and we’re thinking about what the next steps should be at the moment. Please do keep on sharing any of your ideas or comments below.


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      • Pictish Beastie commented  · 

        Frankly the comment below from Martin Heaps is offensive guff. The pro Independence campaign is one of the most inclusive political campaigns ever seen in the British Isles. As you can tell from his use of words and terms such as "separatists" and "anti-English" Mr Heaps obviously has a unionist agenda behind his comment.To be completely honest I seriously doubt that he is, as he claims "an Englishman living in Scotland" and if he really does think the Yes campaign is biased perhaps he should contact the recently formed English Scots for Yes campaign group for their views on the matter!

      • Martin Heaps commented  · 

        I would say it is hard to distinguish if this campaign is genuine from a totally objective point of view . - on the con-try to this above campaign, I am an Englishman living in Scotland, and think highly of the current Scottish government, however I am noticing a sharp increase in rather biased and unfair anti-English sentiment spread by the Scottish Separatists as we head towards referendum.

        On another related subject, the Scottish Government released a white paper on changes if Scotland was independent of the UK , and I read it as it was objective but it was in fact incredibly biased towards independence, in as far as making statements and assumptions that couldn't possibly be validated.

        I think this campaign is started by Scottish Nationalists who have a grudge against anything that isn't 100% free scotland (from dictatorial English rule and enslavement!!), and I think this is the wrong cause for creating this campaign, even if the contents of the campaign is worthy.

      • Norma commented  · 

        I left Scotland 40 years ago, and I said then, that I would only consider returning when we got our independance from the English Parliament. They have stole the money from our off sea gas exploration as well as from other areas. The members of the house that are English do not care about the people over the border, they only care about how to line their own pockets.

      • kevin williams commented  · 

        Now you know how it feels to be in the British National Party.It's just like banging your head against a wall.These media orgs. are corrupt through and through,stereotypical hatred against the truth seeker's.As for the BBC look what happened to Nick Griffin on Question Time(nigel farrage roadshow) Nick should have been allowed to talk politic's but instead was the prisoner infront of the gestapo.Still the BNP had the last laugh in that the worthless BBC had 8 million plus viewers that night,(and Nick got his own back on some BBC reporters later,but you didn't hear about that either) it would take a year of QT to match that now...Good luck and god bless you Scotland.

      • June Knight commented  · 

        @Michael Loftus. Agree, a lot of non scots are hoping scots get the vote for independence as we wish you well as you cut off the lumpen leg. It is not england or britain but english politics which is making us all unwell and sending us mad, might as well not have had all the reform and post war years, going back to assumption elite rule, class and rich, no rights and poor conditions. health, housing and the least being worse off. So if you can cast yourself from this rot which will not stop until it consumes us all. then fairwell and God speed to you. And you are quite right, the Scottish press are much more interesting and informed. The bias on all sides is disgusting and assumptions of no rights or lower social class people or women, disabled, elderly and special needs children are nothing and should accept crap. This is young "buck" nonsense of a man who does not want to take responsibility and need to take care of those who are under him. but dismiss them and farm them out as a burden. For David Cameron or anyone else to complain that Scotland and Wales are not doing the same to their elderly, disabled and weak is like a man who is a wife batterer and abuser of his children and elderly relatives to make a complaint that his neighbours are not doing the same and demanding that they do. I wish you luck. There is a preservation that needs to be preserved in this country, and that is the integrity and the precious heart. and it must be preserved somewhere. So good luck to you.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The media in general seem to have a heavy propaganda programme going to ensure that the facts of Scottish Independence are portrayed in a negative light. Even the normally liberal 'Guardian' struggles to give the Scottish government a fair hearing. The other 'newspapers' simply pump out nonsense. If the Scots are such scroungers why are the English desperate to keep them onboard?

      • June Knight commented  · 

        BBC bias is a big issue for everyone, not onlu Scots but others suffer wrong sand bias reporting. BBC does not give non bias reporting and creates and perpetuates ignorance and prejudice. It is not an allie to the British People.

      • ali_cam commented  · 

        Not a 38 degrees campaign issue surely? one definitely hijacked,

      • Kevin James commented  · 

        BBC lead bias on many things, and it is so subtle and using everyday assumptions no one notices unless you are on the end of it. Really home counties and smug. Cannot get a decent discussion because of all the questions assuming the prejudice. such as Scottish fishing towns should be ashamed and embarrased towards the fishermen fighting for their livelyhoods and UK fishing fleet rather than the reasons for scottish fleet not being able to fish while having to land other countries stock and harbour their fleets. The stopping of honest discussion is scandalous.

      • Mick commented  · 

        Gosh what a misguided idea for a campaign. Some of the comments here just look like paranoria and criticisms of the messenger. Could those claiming delierbate bias of the BBC just identify one major news organisation that is less biased than the BBC. I can't think of one. Maybe they'd prefer Fox news.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        f you watch reporting of an event as presented by a number of different providers you will see quite often that the news is being presented from a particular standpoint.

        The BBC's funding is ultimately controlled by parliament. The BBC is not therefore independent. You decide for yourself from which side of the fence the BBC has taken it's standpoint on any given event.

        England has abused Scotland for long enough. From prima nocta and the clearances to controlling and mis-using Scotland's revunue from the North Sea gas and oil fields. The people Scotland are once again waking up and objecting to their oppression by the English.

        Does any one expect the BBC to take the side of the people of Scotland and their right to self-determination?

        Does anyone seriously believe that the BBC will even remain neutral on any talk of Scotland leaving the UK and perhaps, hopefully, the EEC?

        With the rate of immigration allowed by the UK government the people of Scotland will, unless we become independent, in a few years be a minority group of the UK population. It has or almost has happened to the Welsh. Has the BBC ever even mentioned either of these?

        Kilroy-Silk once made a truthful observation on the BBC. It did not go down well with some people. Kilroy-Silk is no longer a presenter on the BBC, need I say more.

        I do not expect the BBC to tell the whole truth about anything, nor do I expect them to honestly report in detail the stories behind the news items in any real depth.

      • Steve Laughton commented  · 

        It's quite simple, the BBC should actually be called the EBC around the world. There is no point in them trying to pretend any more that they are a trustworthy broadcaster, either within the UK or on their world service. This bias is exactly why the Scottish people want to separate from a larger power intent on wiping out the Scottish identity.

      • bjk commented  · 

        Seems Guido has got to the real reason why Johnny and co won't entertain any criticism of, or campaign against, the BBC - seems it would be akin to asking the Morning Star to campaign against Pravda.

        Perhaps 38 Degrees should change their tagline to "people, power, change ..... but only if you're on the side of the left"

        Perhaps the moniker should more appropriately be Johnny Charlatan?

      • Pictish Beastie commented  · 

        Well Johnny Boy it looks as though your tactic has worked,ignore us and we'll go away! Unfortunately for you,and your future employers at the BBC,going by today's poll results Scotland certainly is going to go away and become a very wealthy,very socially democratic independent nation again and people like you will look enviously over the border to see what a truly fair society looks like! SAOR ALBA!

      • cH commented  · 


        According to the Scotsman newspaper Mr Fraser is quoted as saying:
        "Anybody who works for the BBC as presenter on current affairs programmes has to be objective and politically neutral across a whole range of issues if they are to retain their credibility. It is difficult to see how Kaye Adams can continue to present a current affairs programme in an objective manner when it is clear she holds such strong opinions"

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