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legalise cannibis, tax it and pay back the british deficit with the 100 billion pound black economy

using cannabis medicinally will put big pharma out of business. tax cannibis sales and use the black economy to get britain out of debt. this nation has a healthy black market and an unhealthy economy. cannibis is only illegal to protect the fat cats. It is safer than alchohol and an effective pain killer and anti depressant. big pharma would be out of pocket if it was legalised

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    ally watkins shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Aaron commented  · 

        Agreed. Get this on the front page, and not just for the marijuana lovers.
        Imagine how the economy would thrive.

      • TJ commented  · 

        Why is this not an active campaign on 38 degrees already? Too toxic even for them?

      • ally watkins commented  · 

        Wow I have only just read this thread after initially posting the idea in 2010. So chuffed there are peeps out there that can not only see the sense but can expand on the concept. Its interesting that it is getting brought into the press through politics now. Thanks 38 d for giving our ideas a platform eternally grateful.

      • Phil tucker commented  · 

        Clear a political party to legalise estimate 6.7 billion in tax revenue from a legalised industry

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A clear, non political, evidence based report on drug use would be useful.
        I've read that many drug related deaths are due to cutting / impurities in the sold drugs.
        Legalising drug use (or some classes) would allow taxation, save on policing costs and would ensure drug quality standards.
        Perhaps introduce random alcohol and drug testing in Parliament - might make politicians change their tune.

      • Anonymous commented  · 


        That said there does need to be some regulation. THC is somewhat potent in modern forms of the drug.

      • Mel Leonis commented  · 

        This is actually a very sensible thing to do. We as a country spend billions of "fighting the drug war" and we are loosing miserably. We should quit spending money and make some instead. It is also very likely that as one form of drug is legal people will use that one instead of trying more dangerous drugs. The government could also control the strength and tax accordingly.

        Obviously the drug companies would not be happy but you just watch, they will be selling it in no time at all.

      • Urban Stealth commented  · 

        I agree with the above it is not banned because people get "High", it's banned because it would harm the Petro Chemicals, Pharmaceutical and Paper industries. According to Jack Herer's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" you can at least 55,000 Household and Industrial products we currently get from the above three industries, who all consorted to bring about the International ban in the first place. If anyone is interested you can read Jack's book free on his own site www.jackerer.com/thebook

        Those three industries also pollute our planet whereas Cannabis is an annual plant, which eats up CO2 faster than trees.

        Legalise or at the very least Decriminalise

      • Anonymous commented  · 


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Because its a plant...

      • Chris commented  · 

        How many people die each year from cannabis?
        How many people die each year from prescription drugs?

        A 'drug war' is also a good way to keep a high police presence on the streets which any budding police state needs, regardless of whether, as in the USA, the government has been shown to be complicit in the importation of illegal drugs as well as supplying weapons to drug cartels (Iran Contra affair; Operation Fast and Furious). Fewer illegal drugs means less crime and would cut off funding to other non-drug related crime. Legalising marijuana make sense also because the government shouldn't have the right to dictate what we can and can't do with our own bodies in the privacy of our own homes

      • graham commented  · 


      • blue commented  · 

        I used to be a smoker in my youth and now have three fully functional sons none of us has any problems larger than poor spelling. I do however agree with this campaign. It is a massive industry that cost tax payers millions. Alcohol is a far greater problem when abused. wasting billions in NHS funds with nothing at all done about it. It would create a multi teared industry from grower to dealer. foot soldiers and stuff would become self regulation instead of subsidizing Russion crime syndicates or what ever other crap we are told. it would turn otherwise honest people into entrepreneurs instead of underworld drug lords. No one would get paranoid anymore as no one would be busted peace would reign especially if alcohol was put under prohibition instead. The plant itself has hundreds of other uses the biggest is as a bio fuel which is why it was forced into prohibition in the first place by american oil companies. No one ever does any harm when stoned they don't immediately shove heroine up their butt. it doesn't lead to other additive substances that an individuals nature and circumstances beyond anyone else's control. sometimes they may wander down spar and buy some munchies which helps keep local businesses open. drunks cause fights and end up in a and e and pay nothing for the privilege get stones debate flower petals and cloud formation whist eating toast and chillin???? come on man this is a no brainer who you trying to kid

      • Chris commented  · 

        If you even read this reply, I doubt it but you never know, I bet you will think that everything I say is a lie and I made it up based on what you said in your comment, but that just means you’re one of the many, many, successful candidates of the Government’s brainwashing attempt. The problem being it doesn’t work on everyone, like me.
        You want to know why you think like that towards weed? It's because that is what the Government taught you at school , or didn’t depending on how you look at. You believe what you were taught because you didn't know any better at that age. Cannabis is for adults not kids, THC does not effect the chemistry of an adult brain, that has been medically proven years ago, and you would know that if you actually did some research on it instead of just believing everything the Government says. They count on the undying loyalty of their tax payers to believe anything they say no matter how outrageous it sounds, like in the Newspaper or on the TV, it's pathetic.

        Your first line isn't accurate, It can be dangerous for some teenagers, not them all. It can effect their personality and all sorts because their brain is still in the learning process, that's why you see some young adults who talk in slow motion almost. It's genius really from their stand point: Don't teach at schools that Cannabis was made illegal solely because of greed and racism, because even a teenager could connect those dots, also don’t mention it’s for adults not kids, because there’s always those teenagers who rebel and will use it anyway and grow up with mashed potato for a brain. All that just reinforces their so called reasons for keeping it illegal. Like I said, it's for responsible adults, just like Alcohol, except you can easily overdose on Alcohol, you can't on Cannabis.

        It's misformation within misinformation. The Government misinform the public for decades to create this false image about Cannabis, then the ones in the public that know it's all lies then assume it's totally safe and spreads the word. Then there’s the ones who say "Screw cigarettes, smoke weed" are also projecting the wrong image, because now a percentage of the people who read that now think Cannabis smoke is safer than breathing oxygen just because it isn't Tobacco smoke, and will probably smoke it even more knowing that.

        In the end it's the Governments fault for it all because of their lust for money, power, and control. If they taught the public about drugs instead of just taking the horrible stance of "We made these certain drugs illegal, if you use them then that's your own fault, we don't care." then when someone is offered a hard drug like Meth they can say no because they know it’s dangerous. They don't even properly teach about Alcohol in schools apart from what the “high” is like and that you can drink it when your 18. Nevermind telling them that that drinking underage while they’re still developing can cause liver failure, genetic changes that won’t be apparent until much later in life, amongst other things. They justify this lack of teaching by placing a "Please Drink Responsibly" logo on the cans/bottles. Where’s the “Please Smoke Responsibly” for cigarettes, because it’s the amount of smoke that goes through a Tobacco user’s lungs on a daily basis alone, is what makes cigarettes dangerous.
        All you have to do is look at Amsterdam, one of the most peaceful cities I’ve ever been to in my life. All the workers in the shops, restaurants, were all smiling and I don’t care if they were stoned or not, they were still doing their work while having a good time. UK is depressing, a lot of people have miserable jobs and just go out at the weekend, or during the week, and get as drunk as possible then land in the hospital 6 months later with fatal liver damage. Look at Portugal, most people don’t even realise they legalised weed years ago and benefited from legalisation. Drug related deaths plummeted because people were using weed, not hard drugs that can kill you, also the economy didn’t slow down or collapse like one of the reasons the lying UK Government gave for keeping it illegal.

        I’m sorry but from any logical person’s point of view, the Cannabis law is counter-productive. Everything I said above, bar the odd personal gripe, is all true and can be found online if you look.

      • j0hn0000 commented  · 

        cannabis is psychotic - for children developmentally its a disaster and please don't say i've been using it since i was 12 and i'm ok.
        I simply don't believe the statements made here are true, it is wishful thinking
        that cannabis is some kind of benign drug that everyone is against for no reason.

      • j0hn0000 commented  · 

        misread that as cannibals !

      • krystal commented  · 

        I realy dont understand why alcohol is legal and cannibis is illigal. I can only think of bad effects of alcohol and good effects of cannibis. It just doesnt make sense to me!!

      • Concern commented  · 

        I don't want to take pharmaceuticals that have horrible side effects. I don't want to use alcohol as that causes problems, to the individual and society. I just want to use the medicine that nature provides without the risk of being jailed for it. Is it too much to ask, for people to be able to take the medicine from nature without the government wanting to punish them for it?

      • Concern commented  · 

        It's a natural human right to grow and use any herb, plant, fungi. It's a natural God given right.

      • The-Mighty Bush commented  · 

        The war on drugs is destroying society, it's feeding resentment and distrust of authority, funding organised crime at the top of the supply chain and causing turf retated gang violence and benefit fraud at the bottom.
        The fact is, people like drugs, get over it, the market place is worth billions because there's millions of us who are customers for it's products, supply and demand.
        Even most non users can see what we have now is the least logical scenario, you cannot regulate what you do not control, to by weed from a Dutch coffeeshop you must have photo ID proving you're over 18, here in the UK the current age to buy drugs is £10.
        We are told we are free individuals and that we live in a free country, we should be free to take whatever we wish, educate us by all means but the state does not have the right to tell us what we can and can't consume.
        Cannabis is a naturally growing flower, nobody has the right to prohibit nature.

        Even government estimates say there's 6 million cannabis users in the UK, the reality the figure is higher, that is a huge market that could be raising a huge amount of tax, not only from sales but from the tax paying jobs it legalisation would produce

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