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Stop Codex Alimentarius!

Plans to ban all natural remedies,organic farming and take away food freedom.Re-introduction of already banned pesticides and irradiating all fresh produce.
This will take away just about every health freedom via food,herbs,vitamins etc that we have access to now.It must be stopped.

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    Concerned shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Master Blaster commented  · 

        Codex is one aspect of a multi-pronged objective by the ankle biters to reduce our global population to a nicely manageable 500 million. through widespread malnutrition and starvation.

        That's roughly a 97% reduction in our numbers.

        These individuals see us as livestock, nothing more, and lets face it, that's pretty much how we the sheeple behave more often than not. lol

      • Jill Clalrke commented  · 

        This is a fundamental freedom. Can you imagine a world where this, if brought in, is policed?

      • Jessica commented  · 

        Hi Anonymous, I was under the impression CODEX was alive and very much kicking in the US. The press I pick up seems to be suggestant, that it is more inforces there than in the EU currently. I was under the impression the were also starting to revaccinate meat chain with things banned in the 50's for causing infant mortality and many other problems. I know that legislatively you are completely correct in the lagality of our status, hence my comment regarding medication from the Dr's. Also though you realise that many viable nutritional sources are being taken from many angles.

        I spent sometime looking at the codex stuff on the UN site and it is a labyrinth, not just a maze. You start down one route and realise you are in another section without really finding what you were looking for. It also seems odd the site is set up to chase you to dead ends and then start finding your way again. Its not in any form many will comprehend. I found it reallyhard getting through information. I'm normally quite happy to get my teeth in to research but it felled me. I think it is set up like this is to confused and feel like you aren't getting anywhere so you give up. THMPD is all part of the process or restriction. If we could aks them to stop spray aluminium etc we'd have at least a chance of being able to grow and reatin something for ourselves.

        I was also under the impression in the US, that the restrictive part about growing your own had already come in to effect. Though no enforcement yet happening. I do wonder how you police such though?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Once you have done enough research into this subject, you will realise (if you have not already), that its part of an elaborate plan that has been in motion for over a decade to control our nutrition. This is one of the final nails in the proverbial coffin of freedom to choose what we eat and there will be no going back. How many people realise that we dont actually have legal title to our bodies? We have equitable title, so are able to use them within reason and on condition. This is the reality of the matter.

        From most of the suggestions I have read, I have not come across more than a handful that deserves the exposure that this issue does. Codex was defeated in the US 13 years ago, so the focus was shifted on the EU, and its almost a done deal. It's defeat in Congress by a slim margin of 5 votes shows that we can do the same. But we must all remember this is an EU wide initiative, so I am not sure that lobbying the UK parliament make any difference.

        The implications are shocking. Ian R Crane did an excellent expose on Codex Alimentarius in 2007, youtube it and get informed!

      • Jessica commented  · 

        I'm shoked that the UN are trying to enforce this on everyone. Its not a good idea. European laws are alredy restricting natural supplements. Even simple things such as mint will be licensed and regualted. We lost so much already sue to this being snuck in under a different acronym, but its basically codex by the back door. Certain things that are sold to us as supplements are actually viable food souces and manty should be in our diets as just thins rather than a regualted supplement. If a company cannot afford the licensing we'll lose it simple. We already suffer a great deal down to this. Compounds that are great for us get pushed away because of bigger companies and pharm's having money to veto. Its not on and not fair. Choice is something we are all entitled to. Soon it'll be illegal if you dont take what the Dr's orders at this rate. This already happens in some countires. We are very lucky to be able to "self medicate" and I think this is choice that cannot and should not be taken away.

      • George pinnell commented  · 

        Supporters may also wish to checkout http://www.savenaturalhealth.eu/ and sign on this websitr as well. Conversely our government seems perfectlly happy to mass medicate the population at large by way of fluoridation. Sodium fluoride used to be widely used as an effective rat poison! The additive used is often derived from pollution scrubbers and has not been refined to pharmaceutical standards - so still contains other toxic nasties such as arsenic, berylium, cadmium, lead and mercury. Needless to say they have not got a medical product licence for the additves used. Sign on http://38degrees.uservoice.com/forums/78585-campaign-suggestions/suggestions/1156301-stop-adding-flouride-to-our-water-supplies-flouri?ref=title

      • Concerned commented  · 

        Firstly i'd like to say thanks for everyones support and for the votes.All the people who have left favourable comments and note voted,well i can't understand why to be honest.

        I haven't deleted any comments,so if it did disappear then it was to do with 38 degrees and not myself...and thanks for re-posting it John C.

        I just hope for everyone's sake that this will not go through but......i don't know.

        Anyway i'm off for my foraged dandelion etc salad :-)

      • John C commented  · 

        I'll post it again!
        This is from the Food Standards Agency site:

        Do Consumers have a voice?

        Consumers are stakeholders and members of the NCCC. The UK experience of overall consultation in this way has been very positive. But it is also clear that stakeholders are unequal in knowledge and resources and consumers are most disadvantaged in access to resources. This means it is often difficult to obtain a consumer viewpoint on issues. Limited resources mean consumer groups are often unable to give Codex papers as high a priority as they would wish due to concerns for more immediate UK or EU matters. Their participation in the consultation process is limited further because Codex documents are of a very technical and complex nature and are difficult for the non-expert to comprehend.

      • digger commented  · 

        they obviously dont want people to see what they are up to a john,i sent my local mp an email suggesting that he watches nutricide on you tube but as usual iv heard nothing back i reckon this whole crooked parliament are on the pay roll of big pharma

      • John C commented  · 

        Hi digger,
        The post I left 6 days ago has vanished, you saw it and commented, it wasn't abusive was it? I have complained and they say they will look into it.
        It was the copy and paste off the CA site that said that the public will not understand the complex nature of Codex.

      • fairifly commented  · 

        It is everyone's right to select our health care of choice. Sad times internationally, when we must accept only pharmaceuticals for 'health' care and yet we learn more each day - those people, animals, food sources, environment harmed by overuse of pharma-chemical agents.

      • wifi~is~a~pain commented  · 

        It is outrageous that Codex Alimentarius is even being considered.
        Healthy organic foods, natural remedies are beneficial for health.
        It just shows how industries, big pharma and their paid minions lobbying MPs are manipulating governments. This Codex Aiimentarius should be abandoned.

      • Kaviraj commented  · 

        We need no stinking Codex. We demand freedom to choose what we eat and what form of medicine we take.

      • digger commented  · 

        that comes as no suprise john the comtempt these rich bastards show towards us is a disgrace perhaps its time to do an egypt and take to the streets enmasse as its obvious bankers and corporations are running the country not this impotent morally bunkrupt so called government weve got that wont listen to the very people they are meant to represent.

      • digger commented  · 

        may the 1st sees loads of vitamins/minerals/supplements banned,so try lobbying your local mps and the so called minister for health but good luck with that because my local mp golden gordon henderson has largely ignored me and set three different secretarys on me(why he needs three i dont know) and now ive been told its unfair that i keep emailing him but anyway give it a go and let me know how you get on,digger.

      • neilbdm commented  · 

        agree 100%; is there any way of combining the 4 very similar suggestions to push this up the list so people will see it?

      • getyourselfheard commented  · 

        This has recently been brought to my attention in the past 2 weeks, it doesn't look as if it has the worlds health in mind at all. As far as I can see its about lining the pockets of big business at the risk of affecting the immediate and future health of humans, animals and the planet.

        Looks very serious to me - definitely think this should be campaigned against next!

      • Gordon Craig commented  · 

        Should we consolidate our votes to make them count and pick a campaign that best suits the "No Confidence/ General election vote?" I personally feel no confidence says it all and should then lead to a general election.

      • stella berg commented  · 

        Just remember weeds are herbs, ....but get people to vote for this campaign, it matters the mosthomeopathic remedies stay usable for 150 years, needles can be used for acupuncture - there are always ways

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