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Keep Cornwall whole

I believe that 38 degrees should support the campaign to keep Cornwall whole, which seeks to oppose the coalition plans to create a crosS Tamar constituency as part of the electoral reform.

Its a grass roots campaign, that seeks to challenge the power of government to redraw electoral boundaries without consulting the electorate or taking local concerns into account. www.keepcornwallwhole.com supported by all political parties in Cornwall.

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      • cH commented  · 

        Ed 38 degrees have their own personel agendas and unless the campaign fits their lifestyle they arn't interested. They have no intention of allowing democracy to emerge within the UK.

      • Ed commented  · 

        This all must be a bit of an embarrassment for the well meaning people at 38 Degrees. The second most popular campaign in the suggestions section yet they simply don't know what to do with it and can't even find a reasonable response.

      • An Gof commented  · 

        The fact that 38 Degrees can say, "Perhaps 38 Degrees need to initiate a Campaign Against 38 Degrees Anglo-Centric Bias." Displays an understanding that there is an Anglo-Centric bias amongst the people of 38 Degrees. The KCW campaign - although placed second with 784 votes - doesn't even warrant a review.

        38 Degrees, your mission statement should be amended to:

        "38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK - so long as it matters to us."

      • Jim Pengelly Kernow GB commented  · 

        I believe that the case for taking on this suggestion is more closely related to the abuse of power (in which everybody loses) by the Westminster Government .

        Keep Cornwall Whole points to the flaw in the proposals currently being debated by a House of Lord's Committee, in that it is more about social engineering and bureaucratic convenience than any concept of democracy or concern for communities. Its very concept points to the failure of the United Kingdom to be precisely that. A browse of the Democratic Audit website is very illuminating.

        Whilst I feel that the Bill is also bad for democracy within England, it is criminally repugnant to Cornish Rights and the Territorial Integrity of the Duchy of Cornwall and the Cornish people. This was an issue not lost on Lord Kilbrandon during the Royal Commission on the Constitution Report in 1972.

        For England, the proposal has at its foundation the devaluation of county boundaries, to make way for the easier transition into the Government’s regional agenda. For Cornwall it is another insidious step in a long process of marginalisation, destabilisation and cultural genocide.

        The courage to campaign on the KCW issue would explode the 'official' myth (high-level lies & propaganda) of the Duchy of Cornwall.

      • 39 Degrees commented  · 

        Perhaps 38 Degrees need to initiate a Campaign Against 38 Degrees Anglo-Centric Bias.

      • Mike Chappell commented  · 

        Are 38 Degrees some Lib Dem operated group ? Do they have their own agenda ? Are they any use at all to anyone who live outside the M25 circuit ?

      • Philip R Hosking commented  · 

        So we are still the 2nd most popular campaign idea but 38 Degrees won't even give us a reply! Won't even communicate with us! Why?

      • L C Budge commented  · 

        Communities and local identiry has always been the priority of the Boundary Commission in establishing boundaries previously and should be maintained. Keeping the boundaries of Cornwall & Devon separte is common sense not only because the people want it but to reduce costs in administration and to save duplication in elections and administration.

      • David commented  · 

        Hope you have more luck getting your campaign recognised by 38 degrees than we are having raising the issue of media bias in Scotland. 38 degrees really need to start to "take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change" even if it does come from communities outside England

      • An Gof commented  · 

        To all,

        The BBC are 'Anglo-centric' in their reporting and presentation.

        The Cornish party Mebyon Kernow is a nationalist party in Cornwall, just as Plaid Cymru is in Wales and the SNP is in Scotland. Yet the BBC displayed enormous political bias in favour of the anglo-territorial England based mainstream parties and Mebyon Kernow rarely gets a mention.

        So called BBC Radio 'Cornwall' very rarely promotes Cornish history & culture. Most of their presenters either by default or accident are English and are so ignorant about Cornwall and the Cornish that they are more likely to ridicule than to have any meaningful discussion.

        The afternoon English presenter Laurence Reed, thought it would be great fun to see how people pronounced Cornish place names. Marazion is a Cornish word - that means 'Little Market' but Mr Reed had a good laugh as people that were interviewed on the street struggled over pronunciation. Mr Reed never once found it nesessary to explain that the names were Cornish and steeped in Cornish history. He was happy to let people think they were quirky 'English' names and worthy of ridicule.

        So it goes on with the Cornish/English border. The BBC have never explained the history of the river Tamar and how its east bank was defined by Athlestan as the border between Cornwall and England in 936 AD - much as he had set the Wye as the border between England and Wales. There is no evidence of any changes to that law and if there were, then the Cornish certainly have not been informed!

        The reluctance to take on board the BBC Media Bias in Scotland and the erosion of the Cornish border, says a great deal about 38 Degrees, and its obvious that the BBC and the Government have an ally in an overtly biased Anglo-centric website that states:

        "38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change in the UK".

        So how about 'Media Bias in Scotland' and to 'Keep Cornwall Whole'? It matter to us, why doesn't it matter to 38 Degrees?

      • rod macfarlane commented  · 

        Dear all, it would seem from responses that the originator of the Media Bias campaign proposal has received from 38 degrees, that they are reluctant to be seen campaigning for what they perceive to be the SNP.
        Also they state by email that they are currently running a campaign in Support of the BBC.

        Certainly a lot of support that the Media Bias campaign proposal will have received will have been from those that do support the SNP and Scottish Independence, but not entirely so,and it is certainly not SNP promoted or led.
        The complaint about the Media Bias in Scotland, is first and foremost about the BBC not carrying out its remit to report impartially.

        However, this seeming attitude of those administrating 38degrees, may in part explain why nothing has been done about forwarding the justifiable Cornish complaint, if 38degrees feel that in some way it promotes Cornwall as being Independent of the UK.
        For the life of me, I cannot see how Cornwall can not have the same rules of political boundary as the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland has, there is precedent within the British framework to justifiably protect such boundary.

        Carry on as this British Government would like,and by extension of ignoring traditional boundaries, we may yet see the Scottish Border regions assimilated into Northern England! This would be as ludicrous and unjustifiable as assimilating Cornwall into Devon.

        If 38 degrees refuses to act on these two huge issues, Scottish Media Bias,and Keeping Cornwall Whole, then this whole site is nothing but a British Westminster Government Mouthpiece and not worth a farthing!!!

      • Rob Simmons commented  · 

        I have to agree with Rod and An Gof here and register my sense of frustration with this site. It was thought by a few people that 38 degrees would be an obvious forum for campaigning on this issue, to hold this government to account and to force it not to ride roughshod over peoples opinions. Yet nothing, no word that 38 degrees won't take on the campaign and no word that it will, what's going on? As I write this the bill that will result in the democratic wishes of the Cornish people being ignored is being disscussed in the House of Lords, this campaign group remained silent throughout the bills passage through the Commons and still nothing.

        Dear 38 degrees staff, will you campaign with us to stop this Devonwall abomination?
        Can People, Power,Change mean something for Cornwall too, please?

      • An Gof commented  · 

        Like Rod, I too wonder why that Media Bias at the top with 876 votes is merely 'under review' & Keep Cornwall Whole a close second at 749 votes,isn't even considered!

        It's obvious that what's a concern to the Scots & the Cornish doesn't rate very highly with 38 Degrees - just like the Media and Politicians!

      • rod macfarlane commented  · 

        Correction to the below....Keep Cornwall whole, now stands at 749 votes.
        What if anything is going on???

      • rod macfarlane commented  · 

        I am primarily Interested in the Media Bias issue,and came on 38 degrees to register my discontent on that issue and the BBC's Pravdaesque handling on Scottish broadcasting,and in particular Scottish Independence issues.
        I see that as No.1 in votes, it is still only now, under review.
        At the same time as I cam onto this community, I became aware of the Cornish campaign, and lent my 3 votes to it too.
        And whilst, it is 2cnd in the poll, with over 600 votes, it still does not even get considered for revue.
        What is going on here??? Others get taken up with next to no votes, yet the two most supported by miles get nothing happening.
        C'mon 38 degrees..Get yer act together!!!!!
        Or at the very least, tell us all, what the problem is??
        Otherwise, I for one, would consider this site a total waste of my time.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am an in comer but I can recognise the uniqueness of the Cornish identity. Anyway fusing a rural and urban area as consituency does not work, I recall Romsey/N.Southampton merge which was equally ridiculous.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Cornwall is not just another county it is a distinct region with its own culture and language and the border should not be changed.

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